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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by JCortes88, Jun 26, 2012.

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    This is my moms yard and i am desperately trying to help with landscaping since she is not able to. I need help. I am not the best landscaper but i can do the labor. I would love to add some type of borders between the driveways. Some type of borders. I believe i want to add some type of retaining wall on the outside of the driveway where the tree is. Not sure what or how though. On the photo where the dogs are, I want to do something with that whole brown dirt area. Not sure if grass can grow there or not. A lot of rain water runs through that area down the hill. I want to figure out how to fix that. And on the walkway in front of the house i want to do something. There is a start where my mom tried to do something but i want to change it. Please help. I cant hire anyone because of the financial limits. I need cheaper and great ideas. PLEASE HELP. Thanks so much

    dive 2.jpg


    front house.jpg

    front left house.jpg

    front right.jpg

    front walkway.jpg

    udner tree.jpg
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    First thing I would do is properly finish the walkway and any access routes
    to and from your Mom's home. Her Safety First, then aesthetics.

    Go to the design/build forum for ideas on how to fix the pathway.

    Determine if your water problem in the lawns can be diverted to where it will drain better and not wash out areas. Can you build a "swale" or would a "berm" help?

    Get the place safe, fix the problem spots and save some money for the time being.
    Later you can top dress soil and overseed and add some other plants that will look good and fit your plan.

    Draw a plan on paper and work it out.
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    We would need a picture that shows where the water is coming from and how it affects your walkway and driveway... there are only bits and pieces that are too unrelated to pinpoint a solution... an overall picture, then move in closer for detail, preferably from the same angle...

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