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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JLH, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. JLH

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    I have been very impressed with Gary Alan who in the past had a program on HGTV entitled Designer's Landscape The program is no longer aired in my area.

    My question is:
    Does anyone know of any Landscape Designer's or Designer Contractor in the N.C or S.C. area who design yards using basically the Gary Alan style.
    I've looked at lots of newly designed yards in my area in new pricey neighborhoods but nothing is very appealing.

    I am located 50 miles south of Fayetteville, N.C. right off I-95. I'm only a few miles from the S.C. line

    Any help or information would be much appreciated.
  2. Tony Clifton

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    We are design/build/maintenance firm located in Wilmington, NC. Although I am unsure of Gary Alan's exact style we may be able to help you out. Are you looking for just a design or would you like for the same company to install the project as well. Depending on the size of the job we may be willing to travel. I look forward to your response.
  3. JLH

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    Does your company have a website, if so can you provide a link?

    I go to Wilmington often, it's 75 miles from my house. I would be interested in meeting you and seeing some of your work if possible.

    I talkd to a firm in Wilmington and they said they were not willing to travel to my house.

    Are you a member of the North Carolina Landscape Contractors’ Registration Board?

  4. MMLawn

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    I can't speak for him but You would have to be to legally do Lawnscape Contracting in NC. Have you tried the Taylor guy (I believe it may be called Interstate Landscaping?) or Lee Grantham both landscapers in Lumberton.

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