Need Larger Walk Behind than 21" That's Good on Side Hills - Any advice ?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by forbin, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. forbin

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    Hey all, great forum. I've been recieveing a lot of different info from local dealers on what way to go to upgrade my current mower. I'm using a Toro 21" super recycler to do approx .4 acre of lawn, much of which is about a 18 - 25 degrees side hill cut. I usually go side to side with the toro but it tends to slip a bit from the grade, its a bit of a wrestling match to keep it straight on the steeper grades. I was going to upgrade to a 33" Cub Cadet Walk Behind but the dealer said there was no way it would hold my slope, it would be an even bigger battle for me to keep that one straight going across. I've been researching 26 inch snappers and 26 inch exmarks as well. The grade is too steep for a ride on and my personal preference no matter what is a walk behind. Anyone know of any mowers I have not looked at which would fill my needs ? All replies appreciated.
  2. Captains Landscape

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    I would go with the metro 26. If you wanted to spend a little more money I might suggest looking into the 32, it would only speed things up. To back up my reasoning, if you are on a hill like that you should be using either a 2 stroke mower or a fully pressurized lubrication engine. When that motor leans, so does the oil, which can’t properly lubricate the cylinder. The exmark 26 or 32 is your best bet.
  3. forbin

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    from NW CT
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    What are your feelings on front casters on larger 32" walk behinds. I had my cub dealer tell me if I purchased thier 33" walk behind and tried to mow side hill with it that because of the grade and the casters the mower would constantly want to turn down hill, is this true ? It's been many years since I was behind a scag landscaping summers in college, but I don't recall the bigger walk behinds having a problem with 20 degree side hills, maybe I'm wrong.
  4. AbsoluteH&L

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    If the casters want to turn down the slope give the handle bars a little down ward pressure to keep the mower going strait. I do a hill worse than that, when the mower tries to drift, point it up the slope to stay on course.
  5. forbin

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    from NW CT
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    That's what a figured for the side hill cutting. I guess would be OK with a 32-33" walk behind with casters on a side hill instead of the 26" Exmark and 26" Snapper I was looking at. If so I've done some research and I'm guessing some options for a home owner to step up to a light duty commercial size at a reasonbale price might be:

    28 "Worldlawn ($1200)
    33" Cub Cadet ($1200)
    And from a lot of good chatter on here if I want to break the bank the quick 36 for around $2200 delivered.

    Any opinions or other suggestions would be appreciated, thanks for the info, you guys are a kind bunch to take the time to help out the homeowners with all your great info.

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