Need leaf removal system, any advice??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by anothertractor, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. anothertractor

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    I am in search of a set up to remove leaves. I have a back pack blower and a 757 JD with 60 inch deck. I can blow the leaves but I really canot remove them from the property. I want to buy something that is going to be easy on the wallet but will suit my needs. I want to get some advice from you all. I have looked at some of the units that Trac- Vac offers. I like the tow behind unit but I do not think that I can dump it on my trailer and fill it again while on the property. They offer a unit that holds (2) 44 gallon Rubbermaid containers ($1840). I think that after I fill these, I could dump them in the truck and dispose of the shreaded leaves. This offers a 16 bushel capacity. They also offer one that holds only 1 can, and 8 bushels for ($1363). I am also considering a unit by Bear Cat (model 75360)($1200). It is a self propelled unit that covers 27 inches and holds 6 bushels. I wold also want to get a tube that I can use to reach into beds, etc, to remove the leaves. If anyone has any input on these or other products that might suit me better, I would appreciate any input.

  2. orangejbird

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  3. The Captain

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    Like Orangebird said......"Cyclone Rake'". I've got one and would like to have a second.

  4. marko

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    An idea to consider is running doubles, side discharging, make two passes to grind up the leaves, then collect on the third pass. You will end up collecting a fraction of the leaves because most have been pulverized to dust.
  5. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    You beat me to it Marko....... Then all you have to buy is a regular bagger for your mower. I bought an Accellerator bagger for my Stander and typically only haul away 1/10 the volume of leaves that I would it a tried to bag the first pass.
  6. DEEJ

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    I do the same as the guys above. I use the jumbo sized Accelerator aluminum catcher on my 60 inch Lazer. I grind the leaves up first, then bag them.

    Very, very simple unit to use - on and off in a second. No motors, no belts. Also meets your other criteria of light(er) on the wallet.

    The results form the Lazer/Accelerator setup are nothing but amazing. Picks up everything.

    They are sponsors here and have a link at the top of the Lawnsite homepage.

  7. anothertractor

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    I just checked on the price of the JD bagger and it is $1470 for 8 buschels and $1850 for a 14 bushel model. Do you think that it is any better than the Cyclone. The Cyclone appears to be a little less expensive.
  8. therainman

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    If you have the money, the ultimate leaf removal is 2 Walker mowers and a large Dump n Go on an International.

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