Need light duty chainsaw

Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by gryd, Mar 20, 2011.

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    I've had great luck so far with my Echo CS-310, 14". It takes time to go through hardwood with the stock chain; softwood - not a problem! I'm not overly concerned about warranty, maintenance, etc. I just want something that starts within ten seconds. My previous saw bit the dust and I needed a new one to finish the job. I'm not sure what make/model my old saw was as it was handed down over the years and it's OLD. The one piston ring went and scored the cylinder beyond repair. So far I have no complaints about the Echo saw. I have about 5-6 hours on it just in the last few weeks.

    I can't speak for US gas stations, but in Canada, when a station advertises "Up to 10% ethanol" or similar, most fuel deliveries to these stations are under 5%. 80% of the vehicles on the road cannot handle over 5% ethanol without causing drive-ability problems. Let alone emission system issues. The highest ethanol content I've seen is 4.87%. The lowest was in the summer, at 2.10%. A lot of petrol companies advertise a high ethanol content to help them market the fuel to the public. The same public who thinks ethanol is a green way to go. Little do most people realize that it takes an acre of corn to produce the ethanol required to fill up your average full size SUV.

    As a customer, you can contact the fuel supplier to find out the specifics. In most cases, the station will have the fuel specifications on the way bill(s). Sometimes, the station manager will not keep these and hand them back to the driver. If the manager isn't present for a fuel delivery, the store associate often signs for the fuel, is given an invoice only or hands back the way bill with the information on the fuel that was delivered. Just food for thought.
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    gryd, was this any help? I wonder what you finally got. I don't see any mention of whether you are mechanically inclined or not. Did you get a saw, and how do you like it?

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