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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DoubleB, Feb 20, 2007.

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    I am seriously considering starting a lawn care business on my own and would like some serious advice. I am 24 and out of college, which means bills, bills, bills. Student loans and rent mainly. I would like some advice/encouragement on whether I could financially consider starting my own lawn care business. I'm looking at around $1500-$2000/mo. In expenses/bills. I am ready and willing to put all of my energy and time into starting and continue growing this business but dont want to jeopardize my financial well-being. I would also like some advice on some standard pricing for different size lawns. Also thinking, since I live in the midwest, about talking to my customers about doing year round contracts, lawn and snow removal. Just want to know if the money is there to be steadily made and some helpfull business tips. Thanks guys.
    Double B
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    Money can be good but don't think your gonna break the bank your first year. It also depends on how your area is. Might want to try it part time and still keep a full time job. Here in eastern NC we don't get snow so the winter months can suck if you don't have a backup plan.
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    I went door to door introducing myself to potential accts and handed out flyer's. It all depends what you can handle if you go to big the first year you might not be able to handle it. I started at 25 per 1/4 but some start at 35 so what ever you can get go for. If you start bids off high and are not getting business lower your bids till you get exp. But if you start off low and your getting a good amount then raise your bids. Trial and error is how I did it and every area is different, so good luck. Also try and get groups of lawns.. say like in a plan you get 5-10 yards so its only one stop.
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    Are these just your living expenses? Debt, rent, etc?

    Starting out legit and with good equipment is going to cost a lot more than you think.

    Do you have any capital?

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