Need major help on carb work

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THe somewhat infamous 36 wouldn't start today, so i put some new oil in it becuase this solved my problem last time and this didn't work at all, my next step is to do some carb work b/c when i was pulling on it today it acted as though it were going to start but it sounded EXTREMELY flooded...and the last time i did have it running it acted as though it were going to die, kinda sounded like it was chocked but it kept running for about a min, then it finally kicked out all the bad stuff and started running right, any way its a 12.5 Kaw and i have the carb off, their is a screw that goes into the Flapper, and their is a screw on the back of the carb that is plastic thing that has restrictors on it so it can only turn so much....i need help knowing how much to turn anything, and if their are other screws that i'm overlooking....PLEASE HELP...need to get it running me if you have any specific
thanx alot


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Sometimes the owners manual will give instructions on carb adjustment. Did you take carb cleaner and clean the carb. Another thing to do is use compressed air and blow out all the openings.
I would get new gas and a new fuel filter also before I did the follwoing.

The usual setting on a lot of idle mixture screws is to turn screw in fully until it seats (dont force). Then back this screw out one and one half turns. This should allow the engine to start. Start the engine. Allow it to warm up ( 5 min ). While the engine is running turn that screw clockwise (slowly) until the engine starts to run slower (Lean mixture). Remember this position. Turn the screw counter clockwise (slowly) until the engine runs faster (Rich). Set the screw in the middle of the last two positions.


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I've noticed you have had some problems since it got cold. I'm not sure how familiar you are with air cooled engines, but they are completely different than a car or truck engine. The older cars and trucks had automatic chokes and the new engines are fuel injected, so you don't have to worry about hand chokes on these like you do with a air cooled motor. Air cooled engines just don't start as good or run as good when it is cold out until it is warmed up. Normally some have to run a while on partial choke until it is warmed up. You normally choke it while pulling the rope until it trys to start and then you unchoke it and pull it again. Once it starts, you may have to put the choke on a bit to keep it running until it is warm.

You shouldn't have carb problems unless it is a very old engine. My old Chopper has over 3,200 hours on it and it has never had any carb work done on it. You may be looking into the wrong thing by working on it. I hope this helps a bit.

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Play with the choke, start it choked then when it sounds like it's going to die unchoke it, then when that sounds like it's dying choke it again, just keep doing that for a while, everytime it sounds bad switch it. I works for me when stuffs cold.