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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, May 25, 2005.

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    There is this Yahoo group that is called Freecycle on the web. It is a nationwide thing but it is supposed to put you in touch with local people who have something they want to give away for free instead of it going to the landfill.
    You also can ask for something if needed but the rule is that it shouldn't be for major items. This part of Freecycle is pathetic.

    Here are 3 of the posts that hit this morning. The e-mail address and number has been changed.

    Title of post 1= Need Mowers running or not;
    we just started a lawn business and two of our mowers broke. we have
    obligations and no replacement money. we will accept any mowers
    running or not including riders. will pick up.e mail above address or
    zzzzz@aol.comor call 920-123-4567 we are desperate.

    Title of post 2=Wanted any lawn and landscape equipment;
    we are looking for any lawn maintenance equiptment running or not.
    will pick up. email zzzzz@aol.comor call 920-123-4567 to arrange
    for pick up. thank you

    Title of post 3=Need Trailer;
    need a trailer for a rider lawn mower. any condition is ok we can fix
    it. zzzzz@aol.comor call 920-123-4567 thank you

    Nothing like being resourceful. I'm wondering if he will soon be posting at that site for more customers but it seems that most of those freecyclers are asking more than giving.

    So does anyone have anything to donate to me? I'm needing a new trimmer, backpack blower (Redmax EBZ 8000 preferred) a new truck, a storage shed, a million dollars :waving: :p :waving:

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