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Need new 1 ton Dump


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Located a great deal on a new Chev. 1 ton 84" C to A truck
The truck box portion is what is killing me. All the consortium here in Washington are 8k plus. Is this normal? Caould I go ot of town and get a better deal. I want a 12' box with 40" + sides. Rear double dutch doors. Standard stuff around here. What are you guys running and how much did it cost?


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84" C-A is the bare minimum for a 12' box. Personally, I like a longer wheel base and for the box to hinge right about at the rear. It will take a stronger hoist, but it solves alot of problems with trailers, and load stability.

Gravel Rat

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British Columbia
I'am in the same boat I'am looking for a dumping flatdeck or mason box for a 95 F-450 I bought it has a 84ca and I'am looking for a 11 or 12' by 8. I got a price quote on a 12x8 dumping flat with scissor hoist it was 7000 CND funds a 11' Mason box with rigid sides was 8 grand :eek:

Heres the thing I can buy a scissor hoist with built in subframe with 12v hydraulic and hinge kit for 2500 dollars. I really don't like scissor hoists as they add 500lbs to the truck. I got a price on a 3 stage front mount post hoist its 2000 dollars I have to build a subframe. I'am probably going to go with a front mount hoist its more lifting power and its less weight.

Problem 2 is trying to find a good used flatdeck with the proper long sills most decks only have 4" long sills where a dump box or deck needs 6" sills. I have a 12x8 deck on the truck now its got 4" sills to change them to 6 is a major chore I would have to cut the weld off every cross sill. I have no problems welding etc its one of the trades I do.

So I'am on the search for another deck something easier to modify I priced out the materials for me to build a new deck thats a little out of my budget. It still would be cheaper than buying a deck from a manufacturer that specializes in building truck decks. It would take me about a week to build the deck it would be quicker if I had my brother help me who is also a welder by trade.

Another problem is pump options I really don't like 12v hydraulic but its quick and easy installation. I would rather have PTO but that is expensive plus I have to fab up a juice tank etc.

As for wheelbase a regular cab truck with a 161wb is the longest I can go for the construction sites I have to go on. These places are tight areas if I had a longer wheelbase truck it would be nearly impossible to to turn around.

Ya with a 84 ca truck you do have alot of over hang on a 12' deck but most of the weight is centered over the rear axle. I have carried 20'-24' wood beams flat on the deck of my truck or regular dimensional lumber in 20' lengths up to 6000lb loads.

I have been thinking of going with a 11' bed to cut back on the overhang it would make turning around on construction sites a little easier.

I'am in B.C. so just across the border and I know how you feel the sticker shock on the prices for dump bodies to fit 1 ton trucks.


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Auburn, WA
I don't know what you can get your cab and chassis for, but at the Puyallup fair I saw a new 3500, 84 CA, 6.0 V8, air, etc., with a 12 foot flatbed dump with 4 foot sides, the combination barn door- spread gate tailgate and a side door for around $30,000. A problem I saw with this truck was it's low 11,400 lb. GVWR and the massive amount of steel in the bed. That truck had to weigh close to 9K empty, which makes you overloaded with just a yard of gravel in the back. If you shop around you could probably find a C4500 with the same bed for around $5K more, and then you have a payload of 6-7k instead of 2-3K.

Gravel Rat

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British Columbia
The biggest problem with 1 ton dually Cab and chassis is not enough gvw its why I bought another F-450 instead of a F-350 4x4. You get a dump body installed on the truck the tare weight is so heavy there is no "legal" payload left. There really isn't much "real" payload left when you figure a 12' dump deck will weigh 1700lbs it will put the tare weight of the truck around 7500-8000lbs it will leave you with 3400lbs to play with.

Here in B.C. Can I can register a 1 ton for 12,000lbs you can get a legal payload of 4000lbs. You really don't want to gross a 1 ton heavier than 12,000lbs you gross it 13,000lbs your pushing your luck.

A building contractor I know he originally had a old 79 1 ton Chev dually with a 11' dump deck he had that truck for 15 years. He sold it bought a 98 3500 4x4 6.5 diesel 11' dump deck he had the truck for about a year and a half maybe 2 years. Now he has a 2002 F-450 4x4 with a 11' dump deck he said he sold the 98 because it wasn't heavy enough so he bought the 450.

I know I won't buy a F-350 again to put a dump body on or try use it for hauling heavy loads.