Need new crank and others for Honda HRA214

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by turboegg, Apr 17, 2005.

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    Hey, we have a Honda HRA214 Mower, and it's not the self propelled one. We've had ours since '89, so it's pretty old. Our local Honda place wants 400+ dollars for the new crank, which is absolutely absurd. I found a place online selling them for $156 USD, but it was for the HRA214 Self Propelled model, I'm guessing this would be the same as the crank for our motor? If it isn't, does anyone have a good retailer that will ship a crank, .25mm or .50mm OS pistons and rings up to Canada? Thanks guys, you could post or PM me here, or shoot me an email.

    Edit: For anyone who's curious the crank was bent on a tree stump, we had it straightened but I don't feel comfortable using it anymore because the harmonics in the motor were modestly rougher than stock after getting it straightened, then it just kept getting worse and worse. I need the oversize pistons too because even though there's no scarring I'd prefer a fresh bore to get the clearances perfect.
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    I sent you a email where you mite be able to get your parts !

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