Need new hedge trimmers at 7am. Stihl or echo?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by zspeed130, May 13, 2012.

  1. zspeed130

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    My hedge trimmers gave up (Echo HC150) this weekend. Gear case cracked after 7 years I think? maybe 6? They are used 3-4 times a year to do 750 or so bushes each time. Other than that they are used on a residential or two now or then. I do not have the time to stop and get out the loppers so sometimes they are cutting fairly big branches.

    My choices at the dealer are Another set of HC150's or the stihl HS45. The only reason I am considering the Stihl is they show a 27CC engine while the Echo are 21CC

    Any quick reccomendations? I need to pick a set up at 7am. Also The ones I have now seem like 22in blades. Seems like my choices between these brands are 18,20, 24. I don't think that it would make a huge productivity difference to go with 18 or 20???


  2. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I run Little Wonder gas trimmers 30'' bar I trim alot shurbs never realy counted them If I guess be around 1k every yr Bought back in the early 90s I have cut alot big stuff with them Im about ready buy another one So can have 3 to trim get jobs done faster
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    I take the Echo, cheap and reliable. I have one for 6 years, love it. How do you crack the gear case?!!! You don't need big engine for hedge trimmers. I never once few I need more power. I have a more expensive Maruyama hedge trimmer, so I only use the Echo for compacting the recycle can. I just pack the recycle can with small branches up to 1/4" and stick the blade in and rip. Never feel I need more power. That is so much harsher than trimming hedges. It survive nicely, the blades are still sharp after doing this many times throughout the years.
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  5. Alan0354

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    I think they use the same 21cc engine, isn't it?

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