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I have come up for renewal and I am paying an arm and a leg for insurance. I am having the darndest time finding good rates. I do "some" tree trimming, mostly pruning. The largest tree I ever chopped down (8ft) was more of a shrub than a tree LOL! I also do pesticide spraying. But 90% of my business is maintenance, mowing, stringing, edging, blowing, hedgetrimming, and pruning. The "tree trimming" and pesticide spraying seem to scare away what few insurance companies I can find that will even insure a gardener. Now I know why so few people are insured! Not that I'm not. Here is what I paid last year after audit. I had to refute it because they misrated me originally, and they had to eat a lot of the liability insurance, but still. That's what they WILL charge me this year if I don't switch.
1 Million coverage liability(2mil aggregate) = 3848$,
1 million auto (full coverage) = 915.72$,
workers comp (16k yearly payroll) 1303$,
an inland marine policy(mobile equipment)valued at 16,485$= 1260$.
-Need 20k of inland marine now-

Total 7376.72

Out of 5 businesses I called I was only able to get one full quote the only quote I was able to get is
2146.57 for liability,
1164 for auto,
1791 for workers comp,
...misplaced the inland marine quote....

I need HELP?!?!?! Any insurance guys here? My info is in my sig, I have no claims, 1.5 years in business, 1 accident on my dmv report from over a year ago (not business).

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Keep in mind that insurance rates are different in every state, so those prices could be on par for what is available in California, since California is consistently among the 2 or 3 states with the highest rates.

Your auto and workers' compensation rates look like they are typical for a company of your size. Your general liability insurance, however, seems to be very high and your equipment floater insurance is also very high. Equipment Floater insurance typically runs between 1% to 4% of the value of your equipment. I would check your quote to see if you have some sort of minimum premium applied to your policy. Also, ask your agent if you can package that coverage into the same policy with your general liability insurance. On the general liability insurance, ask what premium basis they are using for the rates (payroll, revenues, or number of employees).

Ask them to quote you without the tree trimming. Since that is a small aspect of your business, the premium savings may be worth terminating those operations and simply referring that to a company that specializes in tree trimming.

Feel free to PM me with any specific questions about coverages or if I can help in any other way.

Good luck!
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