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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by DaveT, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. DaveT

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    Please forgive me for asking a question that's probably been asked before, but I can't find it in this forum.

    I need guidance on the best mowers to consider for a nonprofessional. I have a double city lot on a hillside in West Virginia. The yard is rather steep in places. I wear golf shoes to mow because of the slopes.

    Please advise me on the best commercial or non-commercial mowers to consider. I don't wish to spend more than about $500, but will consider spending more if you all think it's worth the extra money. I really don't want a two-cycle mower because of the high noise and pollution produced by two-cycle engines. I want a self-propelled mower, with variable speed being my first preference, though not a requisite. Mulching is not something I've been doing, so it's not a factor for me.

    I currently use a cheap, $100 Southland mower with a Briggs & Stratton engine.

    I very much appreciate your help.
  2. Rooster

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    Dave T,

    In your post you stated: I have a double city lot on a hillside in West Virginia

    Do you know the approximate square footage?
    Would it possible to post a picture of the area?
    Type of turf if other than grass (ex: brush weeds, some bare etc).

    Any additional information would assist some of the people not familiar with you area in giving you a suggestion on what mower to purchase.

    Good Luck in your search for a mower.

  3. narly1_2000

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    I would get a 2 cycle mower because the 4 cycle mowers , the oil moves from side to side when on hills. Loved my Lawnboy 6.5 silverpro. Everyone thinks its a hassle to mix the gas and the oil but its better than doing oil changes and also if you trim and blow its the same mix.. Good luck
  4. DaveT

    DaveT LawnSite Member
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    I'm sorry, but I don't know the size or acreage. It's not really a double city lot; I wrote that because it was easier than explaining that I mow my yard and my retired neighbor's yard. So, I mow two yards instead of a double lot. The best I can say is that it takes about an hour to mow both yards. It's mostly grass, though there's a lot of bermuda grass, which is pretty thick this time of year. There are some bare spots and some areas with rough growth such as vines and weeds. I'll try to attach a photo showing the lower side of my yard and part of my neighbor's.

  5. DaveT

    DaveT LawnSite Member
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    I understand about two-cycle engines. I have a push LawnBoy SilverPro which I no longer use because it's heavy and noisy and a high polluter. I've read about how much more two-cycle engines discharge enormously more pollutants than four-cycle engines. I'm hoping that with going back and forth across the yards and up and down I can keep the oil in a four-cycle engine circulating properly. A self-propelled mower will take care of the heaviness issue, I'm assuming.
  6. DaveT

    DaveT LawnSite Member
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    Here's another photo showing my neighbor's backyard that I mow.

  7. rdsmith3

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    You might get more responses if you post your questions at the lawn mower forum.

    This forum is frequented by mostly non-professional, individual homeowners who may be more familiar with the type of mower you need.

  8. rip2r

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    If you don't need a New new mower I suggest finding a Snapper 2-cycle. I bought a used one some 4-5 years ago a a gov't sale in winter. Since I didn't really need it it sat out under a bush for for a year or so until I really needed to get something else going. Well! I never had to get into ignition problems or anything but the carb. This thing has been indestructible. It mows on slants, sideways and goes forever. Wisconsin-Robin engine.
  9. Duper

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    I have a 'significant' hill on my property too, albeit not nearly as large as yours, but I purchased a Toro Super Recycler 20038 and am VERY happy w/ it. I almost exclusively mulch and it does a PHENOMINAL job at that.

    If you decide to bag it most of the time, I hear the Vac Snapper is a great bagger machine.

    Hope this helps.


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