Need new tires


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Charles Town WV
My 16 year old Scag TT may have the original tires on it. They are 23-10.50x12 Cheng Sing's. I've noticed a loss of side bite, hills I've been going across the last couple seasons now have me going for a somewhat uncontrolled slide. Got searching for tires online and wow have they gotten expensive. So to my questions.
Are there any tires out there that stand above the rest?
I've been looking at turf tread, what about V treads like i see on Dixie choppers? I wouldn't think they would offer much sideways bite.
Any thoughts on going to a bigger, wider tire like I see on the newer TT's?
I've seen a couple ztr's with what looked like atv tires. Anyone running those?


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These are good tires for turf tiger



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