Need non-spreading ground covers for prop. border beds

Delmarva Keith

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Typical design around here is a mulched bed about 3’ to 5’ wide planted with some type of evergreen screening trees on one side or the other of a property line. Or similarly a fence on the line with a mulched bed along it.

To my eye it looks like something went wrong with a big brown mulched slash. I also hate mulch generally and have come to believe that maintaining large mulched areas is for crazy people. Around the base of flowers, great. As the majority of area in beds with many cubic yards of mulch on a regular basis, crazy.

Need recommendations for zone 7b evergreen non-spreading or slow spreading (can’t invade the adjoining property) ground covers. Pachysandra is about all I can think of. Maybe a non-spreading or slow spreading variety of lirope.

Doesn’t need to be zero maintenance but it can’t be an invader like ivy or anything that has to be constantly pruned or divided. Once a year or so to keep things reasonably tidy is fine.

Can you folks help bring me up to speed on options? Thanks!


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Grand Rapids MI
I have to agree--large areas of bark are costly to maintain. Weeds; redo bark; faded to gray color. Think about ajuga--it is practically the only ground cover that can be grown from seed. It might fit your customer's situation. It can invade the lawn from time to time--but is easily killed with routine broadleaf weed control on the grass.

You can use tall ornamental grasses as a screen along the property edge if it fits the screening requirement.