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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by RBall151, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. RBall151

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    I found a mower, and I'm only looking to do around 10-12 residential yards a week. I'm 18, so it's just a summer job before I head back to College.

    I'm trying to find out how much this mower is worth, and what you guys think about this mower for the jobs I will be doing.

    The Mower is a 36" Toro Eaglestar. It's got a Kawasaki FB460V engine, and I think it's a 15hp engine. It's a 1993, and it says on the engine, Full Pressure Lubrication, Cast Iron Cylinder Liner, Reciprocating Balancer and it has an Electronic Ignition.

    I just got it started up today, but I have to fix a flat tire before I can start mowing with it. What are some things I can check it for before I buy it..ect?

    Any rough estimates what it's worth?

  2. RBall151

    RBall151 LawnSite Member
    from KS
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  3. Signature Services

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    Sorry man, don't know anything about this thing.
  4. roadhawg3

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    You need to get as much info as possible, try to find out some history about it, how was it maintained? was it used in a commercial business? replacement cost? it is almost 12 years old, but if was only used occasionally it could have a lot of life left in it . So check it out with that in mind.
  5. RBall151

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    from KS
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    For the Past 3 years, it's been sitting in a storage shed..and it's been maintained regularly. It has a brand new belt on it, but it needs a new tire from sitting for so long.

    It was owned by a "friend", and he just mowed about 5 yards a week with it. Before that, it was owned by a 18 year old at the time..and just mowed around the neighborhood.

    My main worry is if I buy this thing, and the transmission goes out..or something major (200$) repair is needed. Do I just hope for the best after I've tried it out?
  6. sgtyork

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    have a mechanic (prefer small engine) check it out
    most people very happy to help a young guy out
    (feeds our ego)

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