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I sent out my spring letter and info, and I receieved back a letter from customer saying only this "we are looking at other options for our lawn this year." I assume that means that they are not happy, are going with someone else. Would you guys call them and see what the deal is, or would you just write it off and forget about and go find another to replace them. Keep in mind, I already mow the two neighbors next door on the west side and two neighbors across the street. The customer I am refering to lives on the corner of the street. They have been decent customers, but not great. He has to always come out each week and stops me and give me a check, even though I would like to bill at end of month. I do think they think I cut the grass to high as he always scalped the crap out of it and has mentioned it should be shorter. However he said that it was the best his yard had ever looked. It was weird the last time I was there last fall, He said he wanted me to mow one last time, but to wait until the next week. So I did as he wanted. I then proceeded to mow the neighbors and then I look over there like 20 minutes later and his son was doing it scalping it way down until it was yellow looking. I did ask him about it as I was finishing up and he said , oh don't worry, my son just wanted to help out. If I were to go talk, I dont think I could really come down in price as I am already a little lower than I would like since I have 5 yards in a row. I gave him a better price since I was already doing the neighbors. What would you all do? I don't want someone elso coming in and trying to take them all.


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Ask him why and what you can do to maintain the lawn.
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I would contact him. If not in person then a letter would be ok. Just tell him that you are sorry to hear that he is "looking at other options" and would appreciate knowing why. Was he unhappy with your service or was the price an issue? Could be he is just having his son do it.

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I would not contact him again.

You already did that when you sent him your spring letter. All he has done is let you know he is considering other services. There's nothing wrong with that. Every customer has a right to do that at any time. I would simply show up at the time you normally would at the beginning of any mowing season. However, I would get verification from the customer that they want you to continue to handle the lawn before mowing.

They are probably going to want you to continue. If they don't want you to continue I would not ask why. What I personally do when this happens is to let the customer know that I have really appreciated their business and if they ever need my help again to just give me a call.

This doesn't sound like the greatest customer from your original post so losing them shouldn't cause you too much pain. The main thing is to always stay positive with every customer. No matter what happens always let them know you appreciate their business even when you don't. I do this because people talk to other people and I want them saying positive things about me.

If a customer gets unbearable and I decide give up on them I always thank them for their business. Being polite and appreciative doesn't cost anything and always helps your business.


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I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. Contact him, ask him what his concerns may be, and LET HIM KNOW that you are genuinely concerned. That is one of the keys to a service business - you make every customer feel important. Letting him go will just convince him he was just a number, and may even help influence other neighbor customers around him. When you speak with him, and you WILL go over there and speak with him personally, you will let him know that it is important to you so that you can further better yourself for future service. you will then also ask "What can I do to make it right?". Understand,...there are corporations out there that have whole divisions or departments for customer retention. Simply "letting him go" is not the answer - not in this case. NO one can make more money off this account than you, because you are already there. Problem customer? The guy runs out the door with a check in his hand! Keep this guy. You may even have to butter him up a bit, by offering some sort of incentive for him to stay on. That is fine - it is an old technique, and will always BE used.


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cuttercutter & GMLC- that's the way I feel too.


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You gotta call and give it a shot at keeping him. It may be just an oversite and something you can address easily. Is he a bad customer cuz he stops to pay you or he asked to have his lawn cut shorter. Just deal with it, handle the issue and keep him happy. Atleast your not chasing him down for money. What's gunna happen is some guy is going to start mowing his and all your other customers are going to disappear by beating your price. We are in a customer service roll and making the customer happy is a part of it....good luck!
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