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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by LBLC_LCO, Apr 13, 2009.


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    Like the title says, looking for opinions/suggestions on the website I'm working on. It's a work in progress.

    Link in signature.
  2. Turboguy

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    I don't think your site is boring. I do think a little more content on the home page might be good. It would help keep peoples interest to move to the other pages. Your photo gallery is very nice. You might add a few photos of your other services such as fall clean up etc.

    On your about us page you really talk more about your army service than your business. I think what you have is good but I think I would add one more paragraph about your business.

    Your meta tags are decent.

    Looks good so far.

    LBLC_LCO LawnSite Senior Member
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    Point taken on the "about" page. I guess when I talk about "me", my time in the Military is always what comes up. Was a big part of who I am. I'll work on fixing that. Appreciate the comments/advice, this post has been up for over 2 weeks and no response, lol, figured it was either good or really bad.
  4. Turboguy

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    I can understand that and I see no problem with that information on your about me page. I think most people appreciate the dedication and sacrifices someone who serves in the armed forces makes and I think having that information there will encorage people to feel you are a good guy.

    I also think when they are looking for a service they want to know a little bit about the business as well. Since you started your business more receintly than some there may not be all that much to say but I do think a little information about your business would be good.

    I am very involved with the hydro seeding association and one of the member benefits we just started was free website hosting for our members as long as they display the IAHP logo on thier website. I am sort of co-ordinating that and we just started so there are not a lot of websites up yet. Most of the guys are taking a do it yourself approach even though we are making some free website templates available. To be honest your site is probably better than I have seen from most of our members who are doing it themselves.

    If I compared yours to a professinally done website that someone payed big bucks for it probably would fall a little short but for a first website, made by someone who is learning about websites and has not been in business long enough to want to put big bucks into a professionally done site it really is pretty good. A few tweeks and you will be fine.
  5. Inspira

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    Yeah it's not bad for a non-designer. Not sure how restricted you are with Yahoo, but if you can, why not push the navbar up a bit and remove the background - make the sidewalk blocks the navigation bar - just an idea.

    Also - get more content in there. I would lose the military thing altogether - search engines don't bother with META tags anymore - they actually "read" your site. They look for things like repeated keywords in the actual paragraphs. If you had a ton of content, I'd say it's OK, but since you don't have much, the military references may confuse the spiders.

    That said, regarding your time in the service - THANK YOU.

    LBLC_LCO LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks guys.

    I'll start working on it when I get some time...rain every week keeping me and everyone else busy all the time right now.
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    Whats with the link on the bottom, "lawn care" taking me to a different site?

    Also, those pics in the header look like they were robbed from a post card.

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