Need opinions. gonna buy a Wright Stander

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Florida Gardener, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Im going to pull the trigger on a Stander since it is the biggest discount from Wright(17%) during the next 2 months. Should i go 32 or 36? RH or no?Mulch kit? Those who use the Stander, what are the advantages/drawbacks? Thanks in advance
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    The 32 will fit thru 99% of all gates, the 36 will fit thru most. I dont think they make a rapid height in the 32 model. The rapid height is a great feature thta i wish our 36 had. But no big deal . I'd get the big 17 kawi if your gonna mulch with it.

    You can get a 19 kawi on the 36 rapid height, gotta be a beast. They are highly productive and efficent cutting machines. :clapping: You will love this mower. They hold hills fairly well.

    I know no drawbacks to the standers and plan to buy 2 more soon.You can put more mowers on the trailer ,there very compact and fast. They do a very good job at cutting.

    At the end of the day you will not be tired,they dont beat you to death like a WB mower.If you have any more questions just PM me :waving:
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    We got the 36" with 17hp and RH and now we are in our third year and got probably 1200 hrs on it. We like the ride feature and we mulch with out let closed all year probaby same grassesthat you have. These are productive units and don't take up trailer space.
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    what does the cut look like you have any pics of the cut from ground level
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    ^^^TNT said it best! Ditto TNT's Response.
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    The Houston area has small gates. A 36" wouldn't fit through 75% of my residentials. I love my 32". Fantastic cut quality on dry St. Augustine. Clumps somewhat on the right side when mulching early morning cuts. Running standard high lift blades with blockoff plate and no baffling kit.

    Probably the most productive "small" mower available. If you get a 32", go with the 17HP. For $300 more than the 15HP, I got 2 extra ponies and electric start.

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