Need opinions - new chem apps program this year.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jondcoleman, Jan 11, 2007.

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    I was looking to get some advice. I am planning on starting fert and herbicide for our customers this season and need some help on the rounds and planning the year. I am not going for the "best lawn in town" business but do want to provide a standard weed and feed program for my customers. This is what I have so far. Please give me some feedback.

    March 15 - .5 lbs N granular with dimension
    May 15 - .75 lbs N granular with blanket spray of Momentum
    July 15 - .5 lbs N granular (30% slow release) with 10% iron and spot spray for weeds
    Sept. 10 - 1 lb. N granular (30% slow release) and spot spray for weeds
    Oct. 10 - .75 lbs. N granular (30% slow release)
    Nov. 25 - .75 lbs. N granular (50% slow release)

    Not sure about the formulations or how much K and Phosphate I need yet so if you have any suggestions please let me know.

    Please let me know what you think. Like I said, haven't done this before so I need whatever advice you can give. Thanks
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    That program looks really good overall, IMO. If you are only doing one app of pre-em in the spring, consider using Stonewall. It will last much longer than dimension (put down that early). Your N app rates look good; you could even decease the spring apps by .25 lb each (and increase fall app rates). Load up on K (from SOP) on your May / July apps. If I were you, use AT LEAST 50% slow for your spring / summer apps. I prefer a 50% slow in September (with a heavier app rate).
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    I agree about the Stonewall thing. Dimension doesn't really last that long. Also you are a little light on the N in the spring. Everyone is excited about the lawn in the spring and they want the greenest one on the block, .5lb/k in Mar then .75 in May aren't going to do it. I would apply more earlier, maybe move your schedule back a little, if you fert in Oct, a lot of clients won't want to pay for another one in Nov. You know it's good to fert in the fall, and I know that, even some homeowners know that, but the truth is that by fall most of them aren't that excited about the lawn anymore and won't pay for 2. Also most weeds pop in the spring, are you sure you want 8 weeks between services in the spring? I try to keep less than 6 weeks between services in the spring/early summer. Don't neglect K either, a lot of fert and squirt guys do, but lawns use more K than anything but N.
    Good luck.

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