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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, Jun 13, 2004.

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    I would like to get some opinions on this as soon as possible. I may still work on it tonight anyway. But here is what I am looking at doing.

    Due to our drought and current water restrictions, it is extremely difficult to keep grass green right now. Two days a week watering for Kentucky bluegrass at 6200-7000 feet elevation is very difficult. And very few of the systems we work on are our installs since we stopped installing 2 years ago and have done mainly repairs since '95 anyway. We are getting too many people calling us back for jobs we worked on (repairs, adjustments, start ups, etc) that think we did not do our jobs properly due to their grass not being a lush green. We can only make what has been installed work the way it was designed, unless we do major re-designing and costly work. I am trying to get people to understand the current water situation and restrictions, and the effects it is causing.

    So I am thinking of creating a disclaimer that they will have to read and sign before (or maybe after) we do the work they called us for. It would basically state that we are in tight water restrictions, not getting any rain, our snow pack melted off 4 weeks early, our reservoirs are getting very low again, etc. And due to these conditions we can not guarantee that their lawn will get or stay green, especially if it was not installed correctly with proper spacing, head-to-head coverage, correct parts for the area, blah, blah, blah. I would still guarantee all of the work we actually do and the parts we install, but I can't give them what their system will not do. You can't get a Toyota Tacoma to perform like a Ford 2500 Powerstroke.

    So any ideas and opinions would be appreciated. As you can probably tell my attitude is very poor right now and it has also been pointed out to me by a few customers.
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    DANA, If there are current water restrictions in place, I would think that enough of a disclaimer.

    They need to understand that certain lawn types require a certain volume of water. If you have water restrictions and no rain. Then they need to plainly understand that.

    As for systems with poor design and bad coverage ( that you did not do) I would suggest

    A. This is what it would cost to improve your design - noting that if water restrictions are still stiff, that it will not make their lawn completely green but atleast it will be consistent in whatever state of drought its in

    B. they need to call the original installer.

    Good Luck
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    i charge for any consultation. it sounds like they need an audit of their system. i do audits by the hour. by taking measurements suchas the root zone, actual precip rate, flow, and run times, and soil conditions and the evapotraspiration rate. i have software developed by texas a&m that uses the information gathered. and i would give them a report detailing what is needed to get the performance they demand. that may include a custom schedule or changes to the system.

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