need opinions on electric tailgate sanders that hang on bacvk of dump

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by varo7, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. varo7

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    Does any one have any experience this the electric sanders that hang on the tailgate of 1 ton dump trucks. thinking of buying one and looking for some one who has had any experience with them good or bad
  2. JimMac

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    I have a 1 ton dual wheel dump truck and I use a Sno Ex Vee Pro electric salt spreader. It has a vibrator on it as well as an electric spinner. This was the good one 8 or so years is not like regular spreaders with the chain conveyor. This unit has a vibrator attached to the bed (noisy)from underneath which shakes the material downward and to the back of the unit where it goes through a cork screw auger to get to the spinner. You will need a 50 amp fuse or it will trip all the time. SnoEx always claimed this unit would process sand and or a salt /sand mixture. That is BS, this unit will only spread salt. It is not bad with salt, but many nights were spent with a hammer and chistle after material got frozen. Auger wil get frozen too, which comes loose with a pair of vice grips or pipe wrench. I have no garage, so even salt will freeze like an ice block. But, for me, it is good enough with it's limited 1 yard capacity...I only do small areas, but no sand or 50/50 like snoex says. Unit benifit is it is small so you can actually still carry many shovels, pails of ice melt for steps, and even a small 1 stage Toro snow blower. No way you will carry all that extra stuff with a full sized unit. But now Snoex makes them with the chain conveyer, which would be awesome. Of course the poly tub is great too, will not rust, but all the framing around that poly tub still rusts. Lightweight unit can be loaded with 2 guys. All in all, a good unit for small jobs but salt only if unit has auger. Sorry for the long-winded answer. JimMac

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