Need Opinions on First Trailer Purchase

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by stidrvr, Mar 29, 2009.

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    I'm looking to get my first trailer. Ive looked locally and I'm not having a whole lot of luck. I don't have any decent trailer dealers near me. Although, there are trailers available for purchase. Here are my options:

    • 6.5' x 14' Tandem "Missouri Trailer" $1696
    • 6.5' x 12' Single Dual Gate $1450
    • 6.5' x 12' Single "Quality Trailer" $1595

    My first option is the "Missouri Trailer". I was told by the "Quality Trailer" dealer that these trailers are built in Missouri, painted out in the open, shoddy decking, and iffy wiring. Ive looked at these trailers in person and there not too bad, except for the hideous pin striping. The wiring isn't the greatest but its doable. Basically the thing looks like its built like a friggen tank, most of the stuff that is not up to par, is an easy fix. I like the extra capacity (7k) which would come in handy at some time. Although I'm just wondering if its to big.

    The second trailer is from a company called Big Max sold at Fleet Farm. Now before you judge, its actually pretty impressive, it is nothing like the flimsy Lowes trailer. The rear gate is split, also there's a side gate which is a big plus. "A" frame tongue, decent paint, it looks like powder coat. The rear gates look pretty sturdy. It says 1990 gross, but I think that's the carrying capacity. Do they make 2k axles?

    The last trailer is from a dealer that's about 45min north of me, big negative. Its suppose to be a quality trailer, nothing special, just a rear gate. Twelve feet long.

    This trailer will be used for my lawn/landscape business I'm starting. Although I don't plan to start until fall, I'm getting my equipment as I can. The trailer will be stored inside if that matters. My only real requirements is my mower with bagger and dethatcher is a tad over 10 ft. Side gate is nice, but I could fab my own if needed. So anyone have any advice?

    I guess Im looking for regrets that someone may have had when they bought there trailer. Im sure the wish I would have bought bigger will come up.
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    My thoughts are the least negative things you had to say about the trailers was for trailer number 3.......also it is in the middle of the prices. I was going to say the second one but I just keep thinking dual gates in the back would be a pain in the butt after a long day of putting 2 up and down instead of one........just my opinion good luck. Also with a dealer you could probably do a little negotiating on the price too.
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    Hmmm, you know, I never thought of that. That does make alot of sense. Thanks for the input.

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