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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by cedarcroft, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. cedarcroft

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    I am doing a clearing and bed prep job for a potential customer. I have a guy with a backhoe coming in to do the clearing and load the truck. he charges $750 a day. We figure it will be about 2 days. I will be running my International 4700 dump truck to the dumps with the brush and debris. we figure it will be about 10 loads. the nearest dump spot is about 20 minutes away and they will be charging me about $180 to dump my truck. based on the info I have given you, what would you all charge?
  2. baddboygeorge

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    180 a load to dump or in all , how many employees on site ,any pics or before ! let me know i will help you work it all out thanks george
  3. cedarcroft

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    $180 per load.
    myself and an operator in a backhoe on site. I might have 2 of my guys help out one day on the labor end of it. for 2 guys my cost is $25 per hour combined.
    no pics yet, but the clearing is mostly scrub underbrush and a few large saplings/small trees (1-3" caliper)
    there is a few larger trees that have fallen and need to be cut up, but nothing major.
  4. cedarcroft

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    well, I guess I did it right. I just got an email from the customer saying we can start whenever we want.
    I priced it like this:
    $1750 for machine and operator for 2 days
    $2250 dump fees (assuming 10 loads)
    $650 for additional labor
    $4650 total.
    My cost is approx. $3550 but I spoke to the manager of the dump today and he said he might be able to let me dump the truck for $150 a load. that would be good.
  5. CAG

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    Man I guess I got it good !!we have a dump located in the middle of town that takes anything under 6 inches for free.. At those prices I bet you have a lot of illegal dumping around their..
  6. cedarcroft

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    we would have alot of illeagal dumping if there was anywhere left to dump!! The private dumps/recyclers charge about $10-12 a yard for brush and leaves etc. they got us by the bawlz.

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