Need opinions on Stihl FS110,130, Shindaiwa T3410 and Honda Trimmer

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by yungman, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. yungman

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    I am very interested in these 4 cycle trimmers, I want to hear from people that own one of these to give me opinion.
    1) I hear mix reviews of Stihl 4 mix.
    2) Honda GX35 have timing belt, do they last?
    3) Is 4 cycles mensioned last as long as the 2 cycle counter parts?
  2. newz7151

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    Remember that the T3410 is a "4 mix" also. And I'm not sure what "mensioned" means?
  3. yungman

    yungman LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Calif.
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    I meant the Shindaiwa T3410, Stihl FS130, FS110 and Honda 35cc 4 cycle. They are all new designs, only a few years old. Are they as reliable as the 2 cycle counter parts?
  4. peak2p2000

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    we only use stihl and echo equipment and for my money you cant beat the stihl 4/mix engines.they have lots of power and we have very little trouble with our trimmers,backpack blowers ,stick edgers or hedge trimmers. we run 14 crews 6 days a week and these machinesdo a lot of runnig and hold up fine.
  5. jkilov

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    I bought a Shin 3410 two years ago, after choosing between many 4-strokes.

    Before going for 4-stroke consider that they require more maintenance:

    - Both Stihl and Shin need valve adjustments every 135hrs (Honda 100hrs) + new valve cover gasket, it`s a 15min job inc. prep work.
    - The Shin also needs to have the reed valves replaced every 400hrs (for me that`s every season), and it`s a bigger job as you need to remove the carb, recoil and fuel tank.
    - The Honda needs an oil level check daily and an oil change every 10hrs (that`s like every other day), also the belt needs to be changed after 300hrs, marking up timing gear and stuff will take some time.

    Remember reading tear-down articles for these machines in a PET magazine, used to love these articles, 45min of reading and you would know your machine inside-out.

    Both stihl and shin crank out 1.4hp, Honda 1.3, more than enough. The FS 110 comes with the Chinese Zama C1Q carb, but it`s fully adjustable unlike the Walbro WYL on the Shin. The WYL is otherwise one of the best carbs out there.

    If you want light weight and comfort go with stihl (who now also makes a nifty FS 90), if you want more craftsmanship go with the 3410, and if you don`t like mixing fuel go with honda or a Robin 4-stroke. Well that`s all I remember from demo's done 2 years ago.

    After two seasons the Shin is running great, only regular maintenance and no power loss. It`s less comfortable than a FS 85, a bit heavier, less noisy, slightly harder to start (or just different), less smelly but prone to puddling.

    Well my post is getting long so just ask a demo at each dealer and pick the one that works best for YOU.

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