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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mowerbrad, Jan 29, 2010.

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    yes thats the ones im refering to. theyre very impressive. Diesels get better with age in the fuel economy department.
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    I've been searching for about the past month....but I've been thinking about a new truck for a few months. I've searched all of and for the entire country and there aren't many on there that are exactly what I want. I have one guy searching all the GMAC and other online auctions for me. I've been to or have called all the local dealers without much luck. I've found a few dmax trucks, but most weren't well taken care of so they were going to need plenty of work.

    I think just about any used truck I buy I would be taking a chance of it having problems. Its tough for me to buy a truck that I can't go see locally and drive. But you can usually tell how well a truck was maintained by how well it was kept physically. Usually people who care about their vehicles will have a cleaner/sharper looking vehicle.

    These nice of trucks don't come by that often which is why I'm very interested.
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    20mpg highway is certainly possible. I have gotten as high as 21mpg (says the overhead computer) during a long trip on the highway. That same Ram cummins of mine only gets 10-12MPG around town.
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    I bought my 01 f250 7.3 4x4 lariat with 99,900 miles in i think april of 08 for 17,000. I have no problem with high mile trucks, but the ones that I have I have put most of the miles on them, and know pretty much everything about them and fix whatever needs fixing when it needs it. If you are thinking you will get 8-10 years out of that truck I'm afraid you might be disappointed. If you are dead set on the duramax route, a friend of mine just bought an 06 with 125k for 16,500, crew cab short bed 4x4. I would keep looking man, even $15,000 for that truck you posted isn't a deal from what I have seen in the used truck market.
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    Like I said before, I'm very picky about what truck I buy. I have looked all over craigs list in WI, IL, IN, OH and MI...all with no luck. There were several trucks for $20k+, but I'm not going to spend that much on a truck.
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    dont let the miles scare you but offer no more than 13k at the very most good luck
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    I may have already mentioned this, but just in case: I bought my 2004 Dmax in Feb. 2008 with 70xxx on the clock for 26,000 OTD. I know you are trying to stay under the 20K mark, but there are many trucks (at least here in GA) that are lower mileage and are a good price. Don't buy just to be buying. I looked at litteraly 100+ trucks before finding the one that I have now. I would just recommend patience. You'll know it when you find the right one.
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    Well, I've really been looking into the truck from North Carolina. I called the guy today and talked with him for about 30 minutes, finding out some really good info. The seller owns a diesel performance shop and buys and sells duramax diesels all the time. Basically I found out that this truck was used by a construction company owner to drive from the west side of the state to the east side several times a week, so alot of highway miles (which is good news to me). I did find out that it will need new tires and may need to have the carpet heavily cleaned (by a professional) or even replaced. Other than those two things the truck is ready to go. If I do buy it, it will come with a free performance tune for towing and fuel economy (about a 70hp tune).

    So the truck runs great, is pretty clean (except for the carpeting), everything works great. I am going to talk to my mechanics and some duramax specalists tomorrow as well as a professional detailing company in my town. I want to make sure that this truck would be a good fit for me before I become too set on the idea.

    I figured I'd have to spend roughly $1000+/- for tires and to get the carpet cleaned or replaced. Otherwise, everything appears to be all set.
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    I got a 2004 Duramax with 98,000 miles for $14,000 but it was only two wheel drive. I think that is too high for that mileage (261,000).

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