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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Cathman, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Ok, so a great customer of mine sent a referral my way. Lady called and said she had a lawn guy but her lawn looked terrible. Happy to help so i trot over there. Get there and her front lawn is in 3 sections basically separated by sidewalks. 2 sections of the yard were dead/dormant and very crunchy under the feet. She said she waters every morning for 30 minutes and she has asked her guy to look into the issue but he said everything was fine (really, a half dead yard is fine?). Anyway, being crunchy i thought sprinkler first. She turns it on and sure enough 3 heads did not rotate. So i told her to replace them and see how the grass responded.

    Well long story short, due to the fact i found her problem in 5 minutes she asked if i could do her lawn and get it looking like her friends who sent her to me. Told her green doesnt happen overnight and i really didn't know what would happen with hers as i didnt know if it was dead or just gone dormant (been hot and dry here overall this summer). Plus we are getting closer to winter (usually slow down in November around here) and i dont want to start something this late.

    So question is, she is trying to sell the house, has lots of weeds that are taking over the yard due to no grass that looks alive to choke them out. What would you do to:

    1. Figure out if the grass is dead or dormant?
    2. If dormant, how can you kick start it. She is still watering each day and i have only noticed a few blades back green. And it has been well over 2 weeks. And how could she keep the weeds from taking over from all the watering...pre-m?

    Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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    Weed N'feed, Aerate, good deep 1.5-2 hours perzone of water per night for a week, then back off to normal half hour every couple of days.
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    Do something about the weeds. Check the grass roots. If they pull out easy and are brown it is dead. If the grass holds tight and the center of the root is still white it is alive.
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    To each his own or You should get the irrigation repaired/replaced first; then just overseed with an annual rye to get the yard looking good for a sale. This will give the existing lawn some time to recover or let you see if it is dormant or dead. A little liquid nitrogen and iron would help the rye looking good. Any grass should be sown thick.
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