need opinions! Toro Z300 34' vs. Wright Stander 32'/36'

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Florida Gardener, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Im looking into a smaller rider and have narrowed it down to these 2 brands. I own a 48' Toro Z400 and LOVE it. It is new so I do understand that, but would like opinions from anyone who has owned or currently owns the 2 mowers i am looking at and the pros/cons of each. As far as the WS's go, should i go 32' or 36', do i NEED the 17hp motor, and can someone explain the RH feature? TIA
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    RH means it has the "Rapid Height" feature which allows you to set the cut height with a single lever, 32" RH not available though. The 32" Stander fixed deck is available, and unless you have accounts with 32" gates, you might as well go up to 36" for minimal added cost. Don't get a 15 hp if you cut much thick high grass. It's worth it to move up to a 17hp instead of slowing down to cut tall grass with a 15hp.

    If you do any hills, consider that a small "Z" has far less capabilities on hills than a Stander. You need BOA (Bail Out Ability)

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    You'll need to provide more information to get a good response.

    1. Where are you located? What types of grass it's being used on and at what mowing heights.

    2. Many hills to do?

    3. Rain a lot there?

    4. Mulching, discharging, or bagging?

    5. Mowing much overgrown turf?

    6. mowing full time, part time, or just a home lawn?

    7. What size gates do you need to access? Do you have many of them?

    8. What other mowers do you have?

    If this mower will be used just for a few gates your 48" won't fit in and little else, you might consider a 32/36" walk behind, as it won't be used enough to tire you, costs less, and has more flexibility on really steep hills and during wet weather it can mow lawns a rider or heavy stander would have trouble on. With a 48" ztr, 36" wb, and 21", you can handle almost any residential property in most conditions.

    On the other hand, a 36" stander might be a little faster and be a better substitute if the 48" z goes down than a small wb.

    The z300 has some advantages (you sit rather than stand, instant height adjustment on the fly, probably better cut) but the narrow width makes it less suitable for hills and relatively narrow tires might give problems in soggy turf.
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    We use the Wright standers, the 36 stander is one awesome machine,it holds hills pretty good. The cut quality is an 8 on the scale from 1-10. The 32 has narrow tires that could lead to rutting if your new to these machines. Definately get the 17 kawi the 15 is a pig to mulch with if your gonna mulch or cut tall fescue. It will outperform any 36 WB. Standers can be alittle pricey !

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