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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by HoseJockey, Nov 24, 2007.

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    Few weeks ago I bought a Stih FS 85 stick edger, Stihl br400 blower, and a craftsman push mower for $50 for all three.

    The edger starts and runs but I have to keep my finger on the trigger most of the time to keep it running. If I let it die its hard to start after its hot but it will start. I plan on rebuilding the carb before next season but was wondering if it could be something else causing it to die?

    I rebuilt the the carb on the blower and now it screams. I was told how to adjust the H&L on the carb. "seat them and then turn out 1 1/4 turn out was a good starting point." Do I leave the L alone and only adjust the H after I get it to idle?
    Also the gas tank has a hair line crack in it along the neck down to the bottom of the tank. I tried the Seal all and JB weld with little success.
    I would have to buy the tank plus the housing for $54. Anything else I could try before I have to buy a new tank??

    If I prime the mower it will run for a sec then die. I took the carb apart and clean everything I could with carb cleaner. Now it runs for about 2 sec then dies. If i keep pushing the primer after it starts it will stay running till I stop priming. Also if i take the air filter off and put my thumb over the opening i can keep it running by moving my thumb back and fourth across the opening.

    Sorry for the long post.

    Any ideas is appreciated
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    Sorry, Not a 2 stroke joke....

    On the mower, Sounds like you need to clean the float bowl nut, There should be a hole down through the center and one all the way through the side. This is the main jet on this carb....
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    first question though, is where did you get all that for $50? did i miss it?
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    If it's working fine for you at idle, then you really don't need to adjust the low speed needle. And with the high speed needle, if it's working at the 1 and 1/4 setting, thats good. If you turn it in too much, you will start to lean the engine out and that can be bad for it, too much out and you will make it to rich. Try to find a happy medium some where in the middle.

    I have had alot of success using fiberglass repair kits I get from my local auto parts dealer on plastic tanks. But you need to clean it very good, I use Brake Clean and some very fine emery paper to ruff it up. But I have never done the neck of a tank.......You might be better off just getting a new tank.
    Hope that helps

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