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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DiSantolandscaping, Dec 14, 2010.

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    i am currently thinking about starting up in the spring of 2011 just like everyone else. The problem i have so far is there is like 25 local people doing it which is fine i guess. your goin to have that in any buisness. I have two big questions.
    The first one is Can I start with my brand new push mower, it is a self propeled troy built with a bagger, im getting a new back pack blower, and either a stihl or echo weed wacker from my local dealers.

    The second question is, is it to early to start looking for new customers for next season. Winter hasnt even started here in maine yet but if i know i got enough customers to need more equipment then my family will help out with a trailer and either walk behind or zero turn. I also have your basic hand tools as well. Thanks for the advice. i dont know if it counts but on some lawns i like the push mower better then the riders even though it takes longer because it dont leave rutts in the lawn. i do have a couple customers already but would like to get enough to get done my full time job being a delivery driver.
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    Your right, there will always be competition. You are going to have a disadvantage though. Most of your comp. will probably have nice trailers and equip, just be polite and nice and focus on the customer first and you should be fine. My first year I started with an old MTD mower and I got 6 account, I was only doing this part-time on the weekends. (I'm still in school). Now after a year I have a nice hustler ZRT, ok trailer, commercial equip and buying a silverado. My general rule about financing is if you have at least half of the amount of money need to buy it and it is a low interest rate then get it. But if not, then wait. Also, make sure you have the accounts to justify this before you do it!!!

    Now your question about advertising now. Its a little to early for that. If your really eager to do it, maybe get some custom Christmas cards and mail them out to some perspective clients. I would wait until late February early March to do my real advertising though.
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    Would recommend a part time job to start out.... And would definitely look into a Walkbehind mower with a Velke. Yes a pushmower produces the best cut due to less stress from weight, and wear and tear on the lawn.... But you won't be able to make enough push mowing.... Everything as you will find with experience ---- comes down to just that there is only so many hrs. in a day... And if your spending 10 hrs. a day pushmowing, trimming, and blowing at $40 a yard... I'd say you could only do about 4 a day.... $160.... With a 48" or 52" walkbehind one could easily double if not tripple this with less effort. If you can get people to pay you double to be push mow there lawn... Then more praise to ya....

    Find u a dealer, buy a used mower on financing and you'll have it paid off in 2 yrs. living on your on and hopefully then full time to grow your business even more... Good Luck

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