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Need owner's operator manual for Simplicity Champion Z


LawnSite Member
Anderson Indiana
I bought a 2005 Champion #2690082 18HP-44, used over the winter. I'm afraid I've offended the people at Simplicity complaining about my issues with the mower because they haven’t responded to my last email. I’m needing basic info like how to remove or level the deck, etc.

I wrote the company and asked them for an owners manual. To which they replied that it was online under the model #(or what they call the manufactures something number). Well I'd already looked, and there is a nice illustrated parts list, but no owners operator manual for that model number that I can find.


LawnSite Member
Ronlawn, Go back to the Simplicity site, to manuals, type in (under manufacture number) 1694454. Open the pdf file and look to page 27 for mower deck leveling. I just checked it out myself and it worked for me.