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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by baz, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. baz

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    I'm having a inground pool installed and am leaning towards pavers for the patio and walkways. The pool contractor says he first pours a concrete base then lays the pavers on top of that. I've seen guys in large Township projects doing it over blacktop. My concern is would there be any problems with drainage or freeze/ thaw cycles.
  2. NewHorizon's Land

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    Depends on how its done. If it has the proper footer it should be ok. Only pour the concrete where it has to be. The interlocking method is better than the overlay method
  3. DVS Hardscaper

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    What type of pool is it? (Vinyl, gunite, etc)

    We seldom lay pavers over concrete or asphalt for new construction. Now if it's an existing pool with an existing concrete deck, there's a good chance we'll lay the pavers over the existing concrete. Or, next year we're doing an existing driveway in pavers. The 10 yr old asphalt is in excellent shape, so we're going to lay the pavers over the asphalt.

    For new jobs, we install a compacted aggregate base.

    Since this is a new pool, all the backfill around the pool needs to be properly compacted with the correct fill material and the correct compacting machine. This is something that many pool guys try to short cut on. And to go one step further, even if you have a simple, poured concrete patio - the fill needs to be properly compacted, which most pools guys NEVER do. If the pool people try to smooth talk you out of proper compaction and utilizing the proper fill material - tell them to take a hike.

    Proper Compaction is CRITICAL. If you want piece of mind that the job will last a long long long time, be prepared and willing to compensate the contractor to properly compact and to use the proper fill material.

    Good luck with your project!

  4. baz

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    It's a liner pool, the contractor explained that especially around the pool by using the concrete I will never have any sagging of the pavers due to settlement. The pool should be done soon and I was thinking of letting it sit until the spring and then doing the pavers. Hopefully any settling would have occurred by then.
  5. NewHorizon's Land

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    Not long enough for all settling to occur. Could take years.
  6. bigviclbi

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    Most settling will be done by the spring if you have the same sandy soil as most of us have here by the shore. Now if your yard is clay I would not let him backfill with it, make sure he brings in something else. I know alot of pool guys do the concrete around the pool around here so I will say that is common practice. Which pool company are you using by the way? you can pm me if you don't want to post it.
  7. A Cut Above25

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    That "sagging" has nothing to do with the pavers or the concrete. As pavers are made from concrete, they themselves will not settle. Either can and will settle if the sub base, and base are not compacted correctly. As a few others have stated. As above, if you have clay and really to me even if you have decent soil i would backfill with sand. Regardless if you use pavers or concrete make sure you have a solid sub base and then install a proper base of 3/4 minus compacted in lifts to install your pavers on. It is all about compaction. You can use any kind of finish you would like. I agree with the previous statments made on some of the work by pool companys in my experience.

  8. bigviclbi

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    I'm pretty sure he means the pool company will use the concrete as a base. That way the concrete is tied into the pool wall and wont settle even if the backfill does. That's the way my pool guy explained it to me. I always wait till spring on fall installs and have never had any problems.
  9. Dreams To Designs

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    baz, this is a common practice and a good one, especially with liner pools. The attempt at proper compaction of base material within three feet of a liner pool can be disastrous. It is a good idea to have the pool contractor pour their standard 3" walkway around the pool, just 3" lower, to leave room for the bedding sand and pavers. If you wish the paver areas to be larger, compacted base is than added next to the concrete and the paver areas are enlarged.

    It is not just the settling of the backfill, but the compacting of the base next to the liner pool that will lead to problems. You may also want to bring in a paver contractor for this work, as many pool companies that attempt paver work, should stick to pools.

  10. zedosix

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    The pool contractor will likely pour a 30" - 36" subdeck at the edges of the pool. Typically they are poured on steel angled supports and then the responsibility lies withing the paver contractor to inform the pool contractor to what materials should be backfilled. Most pool guys don't know the difference, not because they don't care (well maybe some) but because they aren't aware of what will be surrounding the pool (grass, brick, concrete...) So we have the pool guys back fill with 3/8" clear. It also helps with drainage and doesn't settle much at all over the years. We then put a geo-tex and 10" of well compacted granular, sand then brick as usual. Results are great, and have done around 15 just this year in this fashion.

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