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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Ric, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Ric

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    Hello Florida

    I placed this ad in the Employment forum a while back and got no response. I am looking to expand my business and need people.

    Area I would like to expand to is all of the South Gulf Coast of Florida and no other areas at present time. See the list below. The duties will include selling jobs in your assigned territory and performing that service at a very nice commission rate. Of course quotas will be set, but at a very liberal level. This is a perfect up sell for present mowing customers

    The long term opportunity will be the ability to become a Florida CPO and one day be licensed your self. I have a very good compensation plan and I will insist on all employees attending regular training classes. My employees will be professional and be able to educate customer because I will educate them. The more people I have in these classes the better input and questions. I will also consider having Competitive company employees in these training classes if they are successful. BTW I taught college classes in Material calculation.

    Anyone interested in Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, and Collier counties PM me with a contact number. If you have no track record in selling or business, please don't apply. I am looking for GO GETTERS interested in a future.

  2. billslawn89

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    If you expand into my area, southern sarasota area, i will hire you. I've been looking for someone to take care of some of my clients, as you know. I tried with Chad, but he turned out to be a con artist and he still at his old tricks.
  3. gregory

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    ric, i would think in these times people would be beating down your door. but i guess the ones with out a job choose to be without a job b/c they dont want to go out and get things done and grab that money thats out there...
  4. fl-landscapes

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    Seems like you would be a perfect candidate for taking ric up on becoming a spray tech under him. Sounds like a perfect fit that would work out for you both.
  5. Ric

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    Yes I am interested. PM me your number and let's talk. Fla Landscape and I network heavy. He is more PGI and PC to the South of you. He will tell you I have my monument But we are both in a better position because we network and have total trust in each other.

    Funny story About your Buddy Chad DA just yesterday. I was driving down Kings Hwy and passed a black Pest Eliminator truck. It was Chad and he must have never seen my Ant Spray truck before and didn't know who it was and was thinking I was illegal. The Name and Number is all over the truck So he calls me with a Blocked Phone number and tries to pretend he is Mark Shelby the state inspector.

    OK I have a few posts that get deleted here so I post with Kidd gloves. But there were no moderator to delete my words. Let me say Chad now knows his reputation is known far and wide because I torn him a new A hole..... Telling the Story to Fla Landscape, he tells me to mark the time and date and look on my next Cell phone bill. The blocked number should be on the bill. Chad DA might not realize that is impersonating a law enforcement offices and a stiff prison sentence. However I can't prove what he said.
  6. fl-landscapes

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    Couldnt agree more. We can all help and learn from eachother. Just last night Ric had to do a favor for a neighbor and get his car for him, just so happened his neighbors car was at a commercial property I take care of. So I gave Ric a ride to get the car and while I had him there I showed him a mealy bug problem I thought was under control before I went to MA last week. Well its far from under control. We walked the property and came up with a game plan. I send ric all my calls for pesticide and lawn spray jobs and he sends me top dress and seeeding jobs. Works out well for both of us.
  7. Ric

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    I am late for the Saturday Night 9 Ball ring Game so I will just say Networking is great. While I am not counting I believe we are about even on job refferals. I believe Fl landscape might send me a few more jobs than I send him, But I send him bigger money jobs because of his Equipment.
  8. BShaffer

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    You might contact the Everglades GCSA chapter or the west coast GCSA chapter. That is the Naples/ fort meyers golf course superintendent chapters, there maybe some good leads for you there for potential employees. Those guys will have a base knowledge of the turf industry, insects, disease, etc. I think this sounds like a good opportunity for someone or someones. Also, I would like to speak with you about chem mowing and bare ground. pm me or give me a call.
  9. Ric

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    Golf Course Management was the Closest Horticulture program to me when I first started looking into education. I ended up doing some student teach in that program. I got a good Irrigation tech from a Colf Course back when I had the Big Show as a buddy used to call it.

    PM send with my Cell phone number. Feel free to call me any time.
  10. Crashfireman

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    I am very interested in your offer. I cannot PM you for some reason. Maybe because I am new and more of a reader than a poster. I sent you a friend request also. Hopefully you can PM me and I can call or email you. Thanks, Chris

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