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Dixie might call it homeowner but they also say there competitors are homeowner mowers too! If the silver eagle is a homeowner than so is the Scag wildcat Exmark lazer Bobcat Hustler Z and Grasshopper mowers!

Look at it closely I am referring to the 60" for a general guide!

Same frame design as the bulk of all commercial mowers!
Same wheel motors as the hustler super z
Same cc pumps as most all competitors
Has a hydro cooler not available on most competitors
Same mower deck as used on the Extreme Dixie Chopper
Same electric clutch used buy everyone
Has Springer forks standard on it
Stainless Steel body
Lifetime warranty on the frame and body and forks
27hp engine standard. With Donaldson filter hydro cooler std.

All I am saying is look at one up close before calling it a homeowner unit because if you compare it is very comparable to any of the pro units out there!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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