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need rain


LawnSite Senior Member
man it is sure good to be cutting again but the grass around here in northwest indiana not growing to well. we haven't seen rain in almost three weeks. its dry. need some rain, anyone else suffering.

kory landscaping

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Launboy I'll send you some of our rain, Northeastern Ohio is getting flooded Tuesday we had almost 2 inches of rain. 2 weeks ago it rained the whole week. The backyards are under water. The weather this week finally will be in the 70's.

kory landscaping


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N.E. Wisconsin
It rained last night for me and in a way I was happy. I am still quite backlogged with spring clean and thatchings not to mention small landscape jobs so the rain stopped me. On the up side, it gave my aching body a chance to rest and go out to eat with my family. Its a new day and I am going back out.