Need Re-Assurance On Calculations

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bthornhill, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. bthornhill

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    I’m licensed in Alabama and just getting started with my business. I plan to spray my yard this week to hopefully work out any kinks :) I just want to make sure my calculations are right and would appreciate any info you could provide. Here’s what I got.

    My yard is 21k and my skid sprayer is putting out 2gpm and I’ve calibrated myself to cover about 1000 sqft per minute. By my calculations, it will take 42 gallons to cover the yard...which will include the following

    21 oz of Speedzone
    10.5 oz of Resolute

    Does this sound anywhere close?
  2. WestGaPineStraw

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    Sounds perfect, add 10 oz of spreader sticker and youll be pleased with results.
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  3. bthornhill

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    from Alabama
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    Thanks! Did not think about spreader sticker. Do you use Prodiamine? I'm hoping that, among others, it will control crabgrass. I'm starting with about 15 customers this spring and crabgrass seems to be biggest complaint. I guess my first year will be trial and error. I've tried to do my homework researching, but no substitute for field experience.
  4. gbmatt

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    I would go with quali-pro prodiamine, we have used it for years with no problem. This year my supplier sent me Resolute and I have had nothing but problems with it falling out of suspension and I use agitation. Once I run this out I am going back to quali-pro brand. I cant stand having 3" of yellow putty at the bottom of my tank every day. I have been told now that all of the syngenta prodiamine will do that.
  5. RigglePLC

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    I am not sure I agree. If it gets hot where you are--or--if your season is long. You need 1.1 ounces of the Resolute 4L per thousand sqft. (23.1 ounces).
    Are you using liquid or WDG?
    There is no sense in controlling crabgrass for half of your season. Don't use a northern rate in a southern or transition state.,d.aWc&cad=rja

    The dry WG Resolute rate is .36 to .83 weight ounces per thousand sqft. Higher rates for long season areas. never comes out even. You need to mix up about 20 percent extra just in case you run out 60 seconds before you finish. Naturally you cannot get the last ounce out of your tank; depends on your exact set up. You may need to park the truck at a slant to get the last of the solution out of the tank.

    Keep in mind about a gallon and a half of the solution, remains in the hose, pump and filter when air enters the system and pressure falls to zero.
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  6. bthornhill

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    from Alabama
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    Thanks Riggle! I'm new to this and thought I would use half max rate now and other half in about May. I'm using liquid resolute. Good point about mixing extra 20%....I ran out with about 1000 sqft of my yard remaining...lesson learned!

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