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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawnjunkie, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Lawnjunkie

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    I have been researching ztr mowers and have narrowed the choices to a 60" hustler Z, Scag Wildcat, and a exmark laser. Most of my accounts are residential and average 1/2 acre of relatively flat terrain. I hear good and bad from all 3 brands, so I'm a little unsure of which one to go with. Also, which size deck 52" or 60" would give me the best cut and maneuverability.
  2. 2 clowns mowing

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    Finding the right mower is hard. you first need a dealer that is close and stands behind there products. check with their buyers to make sure they will be there if you break down and have a spare you can use. i've tried several there are good dealers and bad. i bought a rich mfg 60" mower from there factory they said if i ever break down they would come and bring a replacement mower while mine is being fixed. that hasn't happened yet, all the do is send parts. i had a local dealer sell me husqvarna chain saws, mowers, and other products every time i would take it in for repair it seems it is never under warranty. i bought a walker mower (great mower) dealer said i have 28 mechanics and 4 loaners in stock in case you break down. yeh right, some guy comes in on weekends and does the repairs and never a loaner when you need one so i went to a dealer 50 miles father away and they have been doing a great job. now i use mostly john deere. great dealer always a loaner available. get extra warranty with your new mower it's worth the price. a hydro replacement can cost $2400, use your new mower until the warranty runs out and replace with new. like i said GOOD LUCK
  3. Turf Dawg

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    On hand held equipement I vote dealer before brand, however on mowers some cut better than others on certain types of grass. A good dealer is important but a nice cut is more important to me. The best way is to demo in all your conditions. If demo is not possible I will vote for the scag. The velocity deck is the best I have used on all type of conditions - wet, tall, thin, thick and dry. All three you named are good brands. Just wondering, is Kentucky where they get the sod for Boise St football field? ha ha
  4. Mike Blevins

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    All three mowers you have chose are good quality mowers. Have you demoed any of them? I have actually looked at the three brands you list here this winter. I too am looking at a new mower for the up and coming season. I also owned a 52" 25 aircooled Scag Wildcat. You say your accounts are mostly residential and 1/2 acre and relatively flat. I would go with the Wildcat. I never had any problems out of mine and now they offer the 26 liquid cooled kaw which is only a few more hundred dollars. After looking at alot of different mowers I have decided to go back to Scag and get the Turf Tiger 61" 29 dfi. My accounts have grown and I need a bigger mower for the commercial accounts I do otherwise I would have kept my Wildcat. The velocity plus deck is one of the best cutting decks out there now. Whatever you decide I think you have the top three choices. Just my opinion. Good luck to you on your purchase! Let us know what you decide on. :waving:
  5. Grits

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    Hustler would be my first choice, then Scag. Depends on dealer support and how the mowers cut your type of grass.
  6. jkingrph

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    I only had two local choices, Scag & Toro, both good dealers andhave been here a long time. Toro dealer has changed brands quite a few times, so that and more machine for the money tilted me to a Scag Wildcat, LC kawasaki, 52" velocity deck. It's a really nice machine and will cut faster than I want to ride.
  7. Happy Frog

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    Try to demo a Bad Boy Lightning 52" like the one I have if you can.
    The Scag is a great machine but it ain't cheap...

    SPENCER HUNTER LawnSite Member
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    I Would Go With The 52 Inch Hustler,, It Seems To Cut A Whole Lot Better, Than Those Wider Decks,, I Have The Mini-z 42 An 52 Min-z Both Are Great Machine In Performance,, The 42 U Can Cut About 2 Acre Ahr,, The 52 About 3 Acre A Hr At 7mph,,speed Wise,, I Try To Find The Best Dealer Support,,, That Means Alot,,if An When I Have Questions About There Product,, They Are There To Help Me,,, I Have Had My Machines Since Aug Of 07,,, No Problems,, Great Machine Both With Over 90 Plus Hr's All I've Done Is Maintence,, Oil Change,, Sharpen Blades,,after Breakin Oil Was Changed,, Then Every 50 To 60 Hr Change It Again,, That Is About It!!!! That Is My 2cents Worth,,
  9. GravelyNut

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    I'm biased as of the 3, we only sell Hustler. For the size yards you plan on cutting, the 52" would be more in line with what to get. If you get the Hustler, make sure it has all the recall updates from Dec 07 done to it. And make sure you get the suspension seat.
  10. 1parttimer

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    We ran lesco for four years and thought they were good machines until we got a scag and yes there is a difference . Scag is my choice. Hands down.:usflag:

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