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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by bnob, Aug 19, 2009.

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    I recently had this hill on my property regraded and hydroseeded with lovegrass and also a matting to prevent erosion. I need to water obviously and was wondering if someone could make some reccomendations for best sprinkler to use? The ones you see in one of the pictures aren't getting alot of coverage and I was wondering if an Impact sprinkler similar to this one would work better and provide better coverage? Also, where would be the best placement for these? At the top of the hill? The hill is about 70ft long and 20-25ft at its widest. Thanks for any suggestions.


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    An impact will cover the most area. You might need 2 of them to cover a 70 foot wide area. I would place them at the bottom of the slope since there is a building (house) near the bottom of the slope. Angle the sprinkler just enough so that it is not blasting into the hillside. If it is a south facing slope you may need to water twice a day to keep the seedbed moist. I always recommend that customer buy a Orbit programmable timer. They come with 2-4 zones so that you can have multiple sprinklers hooked up.
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    The Gilmores are good cheap sprinklers. I have noticed the plastic ones tend to have more consistency and better coverage then the metal head designs. I think it's because they require less water pressure to run accurately

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