Need Replacement for F350 Dump. F550?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Markf, Feb 17, 2006.

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    Here we go. Our business has grown so much that we are considering replacing our 1989 F350 diesel dump that is in good shape with a F550 dump. We need to take into consideration that the vehicle will also be used for plowing residential driveways. The truck we saw this afternoon is a 2002 F550 XL, 4x4, 7.3PSD, auto, a/c, mason dump with 75,000 miles. It also comes with a plow. Tires are at about 60%. Asking price is $28,000. We mainly use the dump for mulch and soil, however we are expanding at a nicely controlled rate and foresee more use for a vehicle of this rating. I also thought of the Chevy 4500 but thought it would be too big to fit into residential driveways. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated. By the way, what may we expect in fuel consumption. I am assuming that the gears are 4:11s.
  2. Gravel Rat

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    A F-550 is a big step up from your F-350. A F-550 will easily carry 9000lbs your F-350 will barely carry 5000lbs. A F-550 has a 13.5 inch ring gear your F-350 has a 10.25 ring gear. The brakes on the F-550 are twice the size of your F-350.

    The F-550s don't turn that well so I think you will find a difference in turning radius. A F-550 rides pretty rough you have to expect that look at the rear springs they are designed for carrying a good payload.

    A F-550 is better with a 11' box on a 165wb the swb trucks are a little too short for the box you can put on it. We have put 11,000lbs or so on a F-550 it handles the load fine.

    As for gearing you would be dreaming if it had 4:10s its got more like 4:88s it could even have 5:13s. A F-550 will only get tops 10mpg if its a diesel these trucks are heavy the truck I worked with it weighed 9000lbs and that truck was a 2wd with a 12 all steel flatdeck. It pretty much traveled the same speed loaded or empty you could watch the fuel gauge needle drop :laugh:

    I personally would buy a cab and chassis and mount a Henderson dump box on it. The reason why I say Henderson is it has the best hoist system ie Post hoist and not a scissor hoist.

    Like I meantioned you really should have a reg cab with a 165wb or 84cab axle the truck will ride better plus you can run a low side mason box so its easier to load stuff from the side.
  3. Markf

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    Here is a picture

  4. Gravel Rat

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    Thats a swb truck it will be a rough rider it looks like its in good shape I would go through the truck pretty thoroughly to make sure its not a covered up rust bucket.
  5. Groundkeeperz

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    I got just what you need.
    I actually bought this truck for what you need one for.
    i wanted a truck that would work good for a lot of diferent uses.
    Its short and manuavers very well but at the same time can haul a heck of a load. I wanted a short but stout truck for snow removal. But never even got a blade for this truck.
    Its a 1 year old chevy 3500 4 x 4 silverado with a 8' bed that is alot like the one on the ford that you are looking at. It already has the snow plow prep package. It only has 25000 miles on it. Its got 2 36" tool boxes under the bed. Its white w/gray interior. 4:10 locking rear differential, 6.0 vortec V8, heavy duty 4spd automatic, ac, tilt, dual airbags,brand new a/t tires, 4 wheel abs, dual fuel tanks (50 gal)
    All I want is payoff which will be around 24000 after my next payment.
    I am replacing this truck with a 2500 series pickup and another 3500 series dump with a 12' landscape bed. Basically the truck ive got now is both of these trucks in one. I just need 2 trucks now to replace the one.

    Let me know if your interested
  6. Jpocket

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    Yea but the 3500 isn't gonna carry anywhere near the payload of an f-550 or a 4500 if you wanna talk chevys.
  7. Gravel Rat

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    I think the point of the post is get a bigger truck a regular 1 ton just doesn't have the carrying capacity especially after your putting a 1800lb dump box on its back. I have been there done that I don't think I would ever run a regular 1 ton for hauling heavier loads.

    A 550 is a big step up from a F-350 when I drove a F-550 it was a step up above my F-Superduty (F-450). What I found with the F-550 was it is a little too much truck if you used it for a daily driver.

    If you need a little dump truck that will haul a decent load a 550 will do you.
  8. Groundkeeperz

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    from VA
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    I guess its all in what you want.
    For mulch, soil and snow removal the 3500 or 350 should be fine.
    I can fill the bed full on my 3500 dump truck with top soil or fill dirt to where its running over the sides and its still not overloaded. And the bed on my truck looks to be the same size as whats in the picture on the 550. My point is that you cant put but so much in a 8' dump bed with 24" sides.
    2 pallets of pavers or stone, rock, soil what ever you want to haul your almost out of room before the trucks overloaded.
  9. AtoZ

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    $28,000 sounds a little steep for a 4 year old dump. Talk em down. I own a 2003 F-550 with the 6.0 powerstroke, 2 wd, 201" wb, 14' dump - it is hands down the best light duty dump I have ever owned. Turning ability sucks but that's ok. Mileage is around 10 to 11 mpg - sounds crappy but the truck weighs in @ 11,500 lbs empty. GVW is 19,000 lbs. I consistently gross 32,000 lbs with a load in the bed and skid loader and utility vehicle in tow. It pulls great. I have 30,000 miles on the truck and it is awesome. It rides better than my 2005 F-250. In fact I'd rather drive the dump than the pickup. Make sure you have an independant mechanic look at the truck or make sure it's certified. Also hook up a trailer and tow something. Make sure you make the right decision. I no longer buy used trucks because of the abuse they may have endured. Also - when you test drive the 550 if it tracks down the road straight and steering is tight and on dead center chances are you have a good one. I will never own another 350 or 3500 truck again. 550 or 5500 is the way to go for pickup price...
  10. mag360

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    Looks like he already has a truck similar to yours only with diesel--which is better for hauling, plowing, fuel economy, etc. Just looking for more payload capacity.

    The 550 looks nice.

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