Need Replacement suggestions Toro IC12

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by FreqZ, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. FreqZ

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    I'm looking for any suggestions for a replacement of a Toro IC12 control. I've tried to find as much information as I could but it seems this unit came out back in the BBS days before the "Internet" as we know it.

    From the prints I have it looks like 26 Rotary and 7 misters as for stations I'm not 100% sure but I'm thinking there are around 8 - 10.

    Was looking to get something decent, yet easy to manually control.
  2. Mike Leary

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  3. FreqZ

    FreqZ LawnSite Member
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    I've found the Orbit Watermaster 91922 that looks pretty decent on paper. I really like the remote (simple use).

    I'm gonna take a closer look at the irritrol controllers with the optional remotes as well.
  4. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    ummmm... yeah. Why don't you just take whatever you would spend on that Orbit controller and light it on fire. That would be about the equalivent to spending you money on anything with the Orbit name on it.

    If you are a homeowner, which I suspect that you are, and you're into the DIY thing then I'd consider this:

    You can't screw this controller up no matter how hard you try.

    If you want something a little more advanced then I would consider this:

    But what I would really recommend is that you find a good reputable local irrigation repair company to take care of it for you!!
  5. FreqZ

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    Yes, homeowner I am. Not your "average joe homeowner" As for Sprinkler systems, this is my first and was at the house which we recently purchased. I've called around and from the 4 or 5 that would at least "ballpark" a quote were in upwards of 750.00 just to replace the controller.

    To me that seems more then overpriced for something that has less then 12 control wires going in, and of course AC.

    As for something "I can't screw up" I highly doubt anything you could put in front of me would cause much confusion.

    My background is coming from electronics. For many years, I've installed high end home entertainment systems ( Not just hanging a tv on the wall and calling it done ) but multiple room systems with controllers in each room blah blah all tied into a main unit etc.
  6. Mike Leary

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    You're going to get lots of opinions, this is a professional forum, after all. My only caveat would be don't buy a clock from a big box store. :hammerhead:
  7. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    Well in that case just go for the full on bad ass controller....

    If you're even so inclined you can monitor flow with this thing.

    The reason that you're being "ballparked" at upwards of $750 is because nobody can quote a controller install over the phone without seeing the existing setup first. A hack might quote you over the phone but anybody worth having do the work will come out, look at it and give you a written quote. $500 to $700 would not be out of reason depending on the controller being quoted and install conditions and whatever else is involved.

    It would be like me calling you up to get prices on my theater at home and saying, hey, I want a price to replace my AMX control with Savant or Crestron. How much? You'd have to come look at the rest of my system and see what I have and what is going on! You couldn't quote that over the phone and if you could then I wouldn't want you touching my theater!
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  8. Autoflow

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    Yet you're not sure how many stations you have?

    As far as Orbit goes, with your entertainment systems would you install an inferior product to save a few bucks? Or would you spend a little more and get something with stacks of features and much greater quality?

  9. 1idejim

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    we like links

    do i hear pigtails anyone?
  10. FreqZ

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    Wow, Such a great bunch of people here.

    1. Anyone in business ( I guarantee ) has had a homeowner suggest brands not worthy of professional installation. ie. sony, panasonic, mass produced products. However I've found after showing product lines, spec's, and a little information that the homeowner was just that. Misinformed. Not stupid, cheap, etc Just not in their line of knowledge.

    2. How hard can it really be to ballpark replacing a 12 station unit. The customer is asking for a 12 station control unit. Why would it matter if it's 3 or 12 station's? Companies "normally" go with 1 or 2 manufactures and stick with them. Is it that hard to price 12 station controller from abc company ?

    3. Why do I not know how many stations I have ? Easily, Bought a foreclosure. The last thing on my mind was digging into the sprinkler system in the middle of the winter. Was just not on my high priority list. Yea, I opened the controller box, some wires about 9 wires in, and a few look to have been pulled off. When the weather breaks it won't be that hard to trace right out to the valves. I know there's at least 9 zones that I can make out from the 1988 original drawing of placement's and zones.

    So I come to a professional forum looking for the right advice. Being Sprinkler systems is something I've never personally installed,serviced, or owned... I'm clueless as to what is good or what is junk.

    This board has the professionals on it that have worked with 100's of different unit's, and know what to look for and what to avoid. I've already x'd Orbit off my list.

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