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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by CentralMassWeb, May 21, 2003.

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    I have been reviewing lawnmowers since getting my new home with a large mowing area, and have determined that I like the Sitdown Commercial Models best. They certainly seem to fit my Large Torso into the seat better with a much more manueverability and freedom for my legs and arms.

    I would like to know your thoughts on this machine....
    Toro Model: 14-38Z
    TimeCutterĀ® Z Riding Mowers

    What about a similar model used?
    Does anyone know of a place in Mass or NH that I can look at something similar either new or used?

    Thanks for your thoughts,
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    Do yourself a favor and also look at the Hustler Fastrak. Fastrak did seem better constructed then the Toro in my opinion. I would have gotten he Hustler but I found a deal on a used Exmark Lazer that I could not say no to.

    Do a search on the Fastrak in the forum.

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    You can check out the Hustler FasTrak @ Richey and Clapper, they have the FasTrak in stock and ready for you to check out.
    They are in Sudbury Mass.
    Do a search here on LS, you will see the FasTrak is the choice of homeowners.

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    I have a 17-52 Timecutter, it seems to work very well, I got it before the fastrac came out, but I was pretty please with it. The Toro you are looking at is not as well constructed because of the use of plastic in the frame, but my toro is all steel. The only difference in the Fastrac and the toro is the deck on the Fastrac is a little more sturdy, but the Toro deck is also very sturdy and my thinking was, I am mowing only my yard, about an 1acre, and have several trees, I can take off the deck and clean it myself to where you might have a problem with the Fastrac, and the frame is just a durable. By specs, the toro is longer there being more comfortable and less chance of roll over. The one thing I don't like about the fastrac is the rear scalping wheels are on the back not on the deck, so if you want to attach a stripping kit you must do it in the back.

    Just a thought.

    the price difference between the two is about 500 dollars.

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