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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by thepawnshop, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. thepawnshop

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    I am looking at two different rock buckets. The Bradco:

    Bradco Rock Bucket

    or the MDS Silver Rock Bucket:

    MDS Rock Bucket

    Do any of you have any input regarding these two buckets or perhaps another that may be better to suit my needs? I have a couple of new yards that have ALOT of larger stone and shale...that are too big for a Harley Rake to handle. I am looking for a bucket that I can use as a rake to get teh big stuff out of the way and to prep for the Harley. Let me know your thoughts.

    By the way...I'm going to end up spending more on attachments than I am on the skid steer before the year is out! Gotta love the big "179" tax break Bush gave us!
  2. dirtsquirt

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    I think they would be a good bucket for raking rocks but seem to be made mainly for farm tractors. The main concern would be the roll back angle.
    They won't hold a load of rocks well if you have to tram them very far and over uneven terrain. I have seen quite a few laying around, but not being used. I'm sure a guy could get used to it and make the best of it. Also, I wouldn't't be real fond of an attachment that the quick coupler is bolted on not fabricated.
    When I was looking for one like the Bradco I came across a couple from Virnig Mfg. it might be worth your while to check them out. Good Luck!
  3. thepawnshop

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    I was just reading the Glenmac ad for the Harley Rake...they claim in the ad that you can "Windrow clearance to pass 24" debris"...does this mean that I could move rocks and stumps up to 2 foot in diameter? I apologize for asking what may seem like a dumb question, but when faced with spending close to 2k on a bucket that may not get as much use as I would like I want to be sure that something else (though more expensive) can do the trick AND get much more use. I have no problem going for the Harley if it can fit the bill.

    I have a friend that wants to buy what he is calling a Harley Rake, but I'm not so sure that's what it is. I think he is getting a "power rake" by FFC:

    FFC PTO Power Rake

    which looks very similar but made by someone other than Glenmac. If a Harley can handle this job, (which as I said before consists of a lot of blue stone and shale, but none of it is over 2 foot in's close though) then that is the route I would go with.

    Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to help me with htese purchases. Your advice has been and will continue to be invaluable to me!
  4. Scag48

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    24" is pushing the limit, although I have pulled some rocks out of the ground that large with our Harley. You can easily roll 12" rocks easy, with a full load of them in the box no problem. 24" rocks aren't too bad as long as the whole area isn't full of them, it can be done, but only if you have to remove a few of them from one area. I hope that all made sense.

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