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I am getting frustrated dealing with your company over the phone. We are trying to get into installing more putting greens and synthetic lawns. We are also seeing more requests for this come in as well. I've already purchased your training DVDs, Customer DVDs, Pictoral Mags, and received some samples of the putting green material. All that stuff has been very nice.

But what I have an immediate need for now is a sample of your Synthetic Lawn Turf.

I am giving a bid next week for a customer who wants their yard converted over to a completely synthetic lawn. I would love to show him some samples. Unfortunately, the only samples I have are the very nice ones I received from your competitor; SynLawn. But after doing my research I really prefer your product over the SynLawn product. The problem is I don't have any samples of your synthetic lawn turf. We called last week and ordered some. But what came in the mail this week was just more of what we already had - Pictoral magazine, and other marketing literature. We called again today and were told that your company couldn't send out any samples. So they directed us to some distributor in California.

The distributor in CA was very reluctant to send anything but agreed to send a 2" x 2" sample to us in the mail in an envelope.

Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to show off your product as one of the options I am giving my product when I only have a tiny little 2" square sample to show him. Compared to the big nice samples I got from SynLawn, your sample isn't going to look so great.

I am wanting and trying to encourage people to buy YOUR product over the SynLawn product. But unfortunately, you guys don't seem to willing to help get us any good samples to help us sell your product! Is there anything you can do?



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Could you call and tell me who you spoke with about not sending out samples

We send sample out everyday. We can send a sample as large as you like.
Are you sure you called All Pro Greens?

Please call me 800-334-9005



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