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Need SCAG 52" Marbain High Lift blade part number

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For a Scag 52" deck, factory marbain hi-lift blades. If I had scag's phone number I would call them.

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Originally posted by LawnSmith
to my knowledge SCAG didnt make the marbain blades in a high lift. if you are talkin factory blades as in the ones that come w/ the machine, those are just regular/standard lift blades.

and BTW, the part # is engraved on the bottom of the blade(s).

also, SCAG isnt making the marbain blades anymore. they went back to notched foil/lip design.
I was told the marbain high lift blades were one of the best to use. I am aware the part number is on the blades, all I have here are standard blades that came on the machine.

Originally posted by Mark P
:) CTservices the part # is 481711 for 18" HI SCAG Marbain Steel Blades,,, I just got some in last week, they cut great and sound alot louder that the mid or low's.....Marks Mowing Service
Care to post a pic of one of your blades?

Originally posted by TLS

Can't you just go to your dealer and either order them, or if they're in stock, buy them?
Dealers around here don't care much about selling blades. You ask for Scag marbain blades, and they give you a funny look. :dizzy: Besides, its alot easier for me to ask you guys for a part number and make a few phone calls to the dealers with said part number and just ask for a price. :D
Uh...huh...At $22 a blade,:eek: I think I'll stick to landscaper supply generic high lifts at $8 a blade. No problems with them.

Thanks for the replies.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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