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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Carolina Coach, Aug 17, 2009.

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    So my lovely wife wants a golf course lawn and I can't tell the woman no. I have killed our exisiting, perfectly lovely lawn. Some guys are going to come grade the yard this weekend. Afterwards, I am going to attempt to install an irrigation system. Then I plan on planting grass. We live in Chester, SC & I have to seed 1.14 acres. I have done some research and want to plant a turf- type tall fescue. Assuming I actually correctly install the irrigation system, what brand of seed should I buy and where should I buy it? Also, any thoughts on how much seed would be appreciated- folks have said to plant twice the amount recommended. I am considering Blue Grass Fescue or Winning Colors from Carolina Fresh Farms and John Deere Select. Any other recommendations would great. Thank you in advance for your help!
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    I would prob go with zoysia sprigs or bermuda. I would def make sure the irrigation is working great first. No blue grass in full sun. Post results when finished. Talk to prez of CHesnut oaks god of zoysia! LOL Good luck!
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    Coach: Check/Ask/Research before you plant fescue. Find someone with it in Chester as their lawn. Do your irrigation first and make sure it working properly. Fescue may do well in your area but on the coast--it won't grow because of the heat. Take soil tests before you plant and get your soil to a respectable pH before planting/sodding. There is some beautiful fescue in/around Spartanburg but do check out other lawns around you. If it is growing well and established; then fescue is the easiest maintenance turfs that you can have. It does well with weed herbicides and fertilize. Remember to do those soil test and prepare the soil with as much compost as you can afford. If I were to choose one amendment it would be compost and lots of it.
    Are you going to irrigate the whole 1.15 acres? Use 1" pipe. Are you using city water or well or pond or lake? It take a lot of water in SC to irrigate properly. Do make sure you have a 100% head to head coverage. It will take a lot of rotors and many stations to do it properly. Have you measured and drawn out you acreage with trees bushes, and building positioned with measurements? You will need these. Irrigation is your life blood for turf.
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    Thanks for your advice- I already had the soil tested with the Clemson extension office. We live on a lake and are going to pump water from the lake. Our neighbor is a landscaper and has fescue- we live in the Piedmont area and it is beautiful. We also submitted our to-scale drawing of our yard to Rainbird. We are going to have head to head coverage with 10 zones and 80+ rotors.

    I have two questions- Should I plant twice as much seed as recommended? Also, what do you mean by compost? What does this do?

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