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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Backlash Wi, Jul 3, 2005.

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    In somewhat of a dilemma. Need help in determining what type mower to purchase, i.e., Garden Tractor 20+ HP versus one of those zero turning type machines. Regardless of choice the machine will only be used for cutting grass (2.5 acres) on a fairly level lot with a few trees scattered about. Looking for a good quality machine that's easy to maintain. What are some things that are imperative the machine I purchase has? Thanks in advance for your input, appreciate it!
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    Without a whole lot more background information, it will be rather hard for anybody to make any firm recommendation.

    For example, does the purchase price of a new ZTR bother you? What abilities and resources do you have for doing your own maintenance? Would you consider a second hand machine? What time frame are you looking at?

    As a homeowner who only recently switched to a ZTR, I have no regrets. One advantage which I had not anticipated was how much more relaxing it is to operate a ZTR compared with a lawn tractor. The young and athletic types may not notice so much, but all the jumping on and off pedals and moving gear levers and twisting around to look over your shoulder when reversing becomes more of a chore as time goes by. By comparison, once you have got the hang of operating a ZTR, it is almost like a magic carpet that just goes wherever you want.

    Whatever machines you are looking at, be sure to work out how you are going to change the blades. I am in the fortunate position of having ready access to a vehicle hoist, otherwise I would have had to work out something involving ramps or a "sky-hook" of some description.

    The other big issue is finding a dealer who you have confidence in.

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    Just a homeowners perspective here, but if price is not an issue and you would like a quick, clean cut on your 2+ acres (and you mentioned you don't have a need for any attachments - "used for cutting grass"), go for the ZTR. I have an identical lot as you: 2+ acres, mostly flat and a dozen trees. I bought an Exmark 60" ZTR and I'm relaxing on my deck enjoying my stripes in 45 minutes :p

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