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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by white1, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. white1

    white1 LawnSite Member
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    This is a BIG job for me. Im a solo op, I know Ill have to hire some help for this. I would just pass on it, but its very possible this will open doors to bigger and better things in the future. I quoted the yard maintenance to the man already but need help with the "cleaning up" Pretty much he wants everything except the pine trees removed. I know Ill need a bigger chainsaw than what I have (mine isnt working anyway) and probably see about getting a brushcutter for one of my T-270's if I can find one. Heres some pics


    I need to give him a price tomorrow. I would almost feel more comfortable seeing if he will do hourly billing so I dont screw myself, but I dont like anyone questioning anything I do.

    Thanks for the help. Without yalls responses, Ill wind up way under, or way over bidding the job.

    Makes me wish I had a dumptruck and a bobcat lol
  2. AJ Lawnscapes

    AJ Lawnscapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    $50 a bush cut down, or $75 roots pulled out, no backfill(you can add that later), and disposal of $50-$100 depending on the truckloads you take out and if you have to dispose of them, or if they have some place in the township to dump(if they do, make sure you account for the $$ in driving there and back, normally $25-$35)

    But, like most would say, figure your hourly rate, account for your time and for the insurance/truck/tools/profit/etc.

    Yanking all that stuff should yield about $5-600(or more) with disposal. I just got $250 for pulling 2 bushes and trimming down a 20' arborvitae and lilac. Not backfill, with disposal. $75 a bush yanked, 25 each for the trimming, plus disposal.

    So, that's what I priced it at, it's a matter of what the customer will pay.
  3. progressivelawncare

    progressivelawncare LawnSite Member
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    he wants them dug up or just cut out?

    i am just curious of that.

    i have done similar jobs but i always under bid, or maybe it just seems like it.

    one thing that ALWAYS gets me is the number of loads i think there will be to haul off and with gas.... you know it screws me BAD.

    i don't know if it will help you but i pulled out my estimate book and back in may i priced a clean up of brush that appears to me to be about the same amount of bulk as your pics for 760 but he never called back and the brush is still there.

    someone else on here can tell you more than i.

    good luck
  4. capetan

    capetan LawnSite Member
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    i would bill him for a days worth of work with 2 labors and yourself
    $750 to $1000
  5. white1

    white1 LawnSite Member
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    He just wants it cleaned up. If he wants backfill Ill add that later. What I understood was just to get all the BS out. He wants his mom to feel safer, less hiding spots for any muggers type thing.

    Also, what would be the best plan of attack? Cut it all out? With what? Spray everything then pull it out when dead? Need some recommendations. I did ask him what he would perfer as far as that, he doesnt care, just wants it cleared out.
  6. subs1000w

    subs1000w LawnSite Member
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    dont bother spraying anything just go to town with a chainsaw and what evers left use an old push mower with a bagger i agree on a day but i think i could do that by myself in a day so at least 700-1k maybe higher depending on how you plan on disposal
  7. billslawn89

    billslawn89 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    rent yourself a big chipper, cut all the stuff down with the chain saw, chip all the debris and tell the client you will give him the free mulch for the landscape bed around the tree. that will be alot easier then hauling all the debris to the dump, looks like at least a couple truck loads.
  8. white1

    white1 LawnSite Member
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    Probably just load everything on my trailer and bring to my burn pile for disposal
  9. billslawn89

    billslawn89 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    how far away is your dump pile? do you think you can get all that debris in one trip? if so that is great, but you have to consider the trips back and forth and the time it will take. i still think a chipper will be alot easier and alot less time. you will be charging the client for the chipper use anyways! charge whatever your man hour rate is, plus chipper charges, should take you less then a day. thats how i would do it!
  10. lawnwizards

    lawnwizards LawnSite Silver Member
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    you already stated that you didnt have the equipment to take care of this project. why spend 500 on a new saw and brush cutter when you can do other things to put money in your pocket. i would pass on this one. never believe that there might be future work from any customer. goodluck.

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