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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by aira$$ault, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. aira$$ault

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    Hi all,
    I've been lurking on this forum for several months trying to learn what I can in anticipation of starting a lawn care / landscaping business in the spring of '10.
    I'm seeking some advice on a skid steer dilemma. I have an oportunity the purchase a 1991 case 1840 w 1600 hrs, and a 2009 7yd dump trailer for $13K. I think this gear would allow us to get a little more work, especially in the off season. We've decided that just mowing and lawncare won't be enough...I'm in Northern NM / Southern CO, and if you've never been here, it's not the greenest place on earth.
    We hope to do a lot of xeriscaping / landscaping / dirt moving services with the skid steer, in addition to the lawn care services.

    My concern is what you guys think of the 1991 Case 1840 skidsteer / dump trailer combo. Anything specific to look out for ? Common Problems ? Advice ?

    Thanks in advance...
  2. wellbuilt

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    I like the 1840 and you can stuff it in a dumpster , but when i load my skid steer in my dumpster its hard to get it to balance out.
    I don't like driving in the trailer bucket first I would rather back in.

    When i back in the 12' dump trailer my bucket needs to hang over the tail gate so i don't have to much tongue weight.
    If i drive in forwards the trailer rides better.
    If my truck is empty the rear wheels lift off the ground and its easy to throw a ramp .
    I use blocks to hold the rear of the trailer up but its a PITA .
    My trailer ramps are real heavy. I bought a set of aluminum ramps off eBay and slide them under the skid steer when i move the machine.
    I only moved my equipment once ever 5 weeks or so , but now i move every week.
    I have a 16' equipment trailer and its much easier to load.
    Its a PITA to move dirt in a dump trailer your truck cant pull the trailer off road , the tires just spin . It sucks backing in to dump and maneuvering around is hard .
    Off road i pull my trailers with a diesel Excersion with 35" tires . John
  3. ioilyouin

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    1st priority is to make sure you've got enough vehicle in front of it. The dump trailer is good if you want to move a few loads a day. If you are thinking that there will be more to move you'll need to keep looking. Why is this combo for sale?
  4. aira$$ault

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    The combo is apparantly for sale because the owner want's to focus on commercial tile install. The trailer appears to be heavy duty and certainly large enough to haul the skid steer. My truck is an F-350 powerstroke, so no problems hauling...I was more concerned with the other aspects that I asked about. I'm sure transporting won't be a problem. If I have to get a seperate equipment trailer I can, but the owner says it tows fine, and I'll test that before I make the purchase.

    What do you guys think of the 1840 as a general landscaping tool ?
  5. ksss

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    I have had numerous 1840's starting with a 94 model. Hard to knock the machine especially when you put it in the context of when it was built.

    A couple things you may find irritating.


    The pin lock system on the parking brake. Be sure to keep the belly pan clean and that helps. If you park on an incline be sure to back up to release the pin lock, this helps insure you don't drive through the pin lock. It will make more sense when you spend some time in it.

    Makes about 16 gpm at the aux. That is not a lot but depending on what you demand of it, it may or may not be enough.

    The split lap bar is a pain. That changed in 94 to a single pull down lap bar.

    On the upside

    Cummins 3.9 Pretty hard to beat that motor good power good economy

    The machine is caveman simple.

    Great resale.

    Overall the 1840 is a winner, I am not as familiar with the older models as the 94 and newer machines. However the 1840 and 45C are both great machines.
  6. rfetzer24

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    Need advice on a John Deere 260 skid steer. Only had about 900 hours when we bought the machine but had some electrical issues .. Locked up and could not get it to move or lift bucket. took it to J.D . dealer and finally traced problem down, guy had put bigger fuses in all holders , could see some wires that had overheated. final thing we found was a bad ground on the negative battery cable.. has worked great since about a year ago. It now acted up again and locked out everything again. Have wiring diagram and have tried to trace it out. Noticed in one of your forums you said something about a circuit board , could that have been damaged by previous problem and finally showed up.
    thanks for any help you could give me. Rick

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