Need snow blower install instructions

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Scott Lodge, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Scott Lodge

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    Alright got a question for all you gurus.Ive got a John Deere 111 lawn tractor serial number M00111S327483 with a 35-inch snow blower serial number M00338X538339.Problem is last year I put a new belt on the snow blower and smoked the belt within 5 minutes.Obviously installation was not correct and I have no manuals.Anyone know where I can get 1 cheaper than John Deeres $35.00 manual.
    thank you
  2. rander

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    Get on eBay and enter "Deere 111 manual" in the search box. On a quick check at least 3 manuals were listed for that machine. There were also some snowblower manuals listed which may include one for your unit. Prices looked good a opening bids of $9.95 plus $3 postage.

    If you haven't checked it there are couple of things to keep in mind with belt drives that can cause problems. Be sure the centerlines of the pulleys are in line. If they are not you essentially are running the belt sideways which builds up a lot of heat and burns them up prematurely. Also be sure the tension is correct. If the belt is too loose it will slip and build up heat and if too tight may cause premature failure of the bearings from radial overload. Hope this is some help.

    Have fun playing in the snow.
  3. Scott Lodge

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    Hey, thanks for the info Rander.I'm headed to Ebay right now

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