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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Hotshot MO, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Hotshot MO

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    hi all. this is my first post and hopefully I get some decent responses. this year I am only mowing 5 yards. I am doing each of them on a 7 day schedule. just being honest , im only 15 and don't have a vehicle license. I use the owners ztr on 3 out of these 5 yards. and one yard I have is just until the homeowner buys his own mower. im making 75 a week. all the yards are different sizes and take different times to mow. but when I get my license this fall im looking to buy a mower. im "inheriting" my dads 99 chevy 2500 for $2,500 or so. and he has a 5x10 trailer im allowed to use. our mower is a john deere 265 with a 48'' deck. I hate to use it because it leaves a horrible ridge. any suggestions on a walk behind for on the cheap side. or should I just start with a push mower. I plan on buying an echo weedeater and blower. there cheap and good? and im figuring on a 25 dollar flat fee. then $10 for every man hour I spend at the job. since I don't have much start up cost. any words of advice you can throw my way are greatly apprectiated.
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    My suggestion as I am doing the same as you, given I am a bit older - Search. This site has been nothing but an incredible research tool to me. At the top right of your screen you should see a box to enter your questions in. To be honest if you think you have a question, 90% of the time someone on here has already asked it and there is a boat load of information. Careful when you say you don't have much of a start up cost, it adds up quick if you're not careful. Good luck to you, and I feel free to keep us updated on your progress.
  3. C & T Landscaping

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    Buy a good, used commercial walk behind and push mower for yards that are too small for the WB. Do quality work, and your neighbors will start talking to one another, and eventually you'll get more clients. Be confident, don't let your clients take advantage of you because you're young. Don't get discouraged if you lose a bid either, or the client doesn't like your estimate, chances are they are a PITA. Good luck.
  4. bel-nor

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    Your in central Missouri so Sydenstricker and Sweitsguth are the JD dealers in the area. Go in and let them know your plans and ask if they will keep an eye out for a good walk behind for you. Local LCOs may help out if approached correctly. I mustsay it is great to see a youngman not siting on his but playing on the Xbox all day. Good luck!
  5. 32vld

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    My JD LT 180 42" leaves a nice cut. How about getting your mower fixed.
  6. Triton2286

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    What made you come up with the idea of charging a flat fee and then hourly on top of that?
  7. Hotshot MO

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    I thought I read it somewhere on the site. Is that a bad idea? If so please tell me how to charge!! Also our 265 is on its last leg. Just put a new pro clutch in it today -$180. The deck has holes large enough to fit my hand through. Leaves horrible clumps and the deck is held down at its cutting hight with a bungee cord. I found a zero turn on Craigslist for 800$ 50" deck its a Troy bolt. I figure its not built very heavy but was just wondering. Thanks
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  8. Triton2286

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    For the landscaping work that's how it's done. But just quote the customer with one number, same thing with mowing. And your not going to go anywhere making less per hour than other peoples employees.
  9. Utah Lawn Care

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    If the lawns are under 12000 square feet you could spend 1700 bucks and get an exmark commercial 30. I mow all my clients with one and they do a good job. I have ramps to get the mower in and out and it works great. If you're mowing big lawns finding an older commercial walk behind would benefit you till you can save up for something a bit nicer. Good luck!
  10. Hotshot MO

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    1700 sounds like too much money for a push mower IMO. Im gonna have to pay 2,500 for a truck this fall. I make 300 a month just mowing no fall work this year. And only have 400 in da bank. Can you help me with any other ideas on a good mower except mtd's on craigslist. Thanks
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